Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I See - Streets of Liverpool City!

My nose still bleeding, & I don't know why... Some told me that my body was too "heat"...My foot was in pain because of walking too fast & so far to walk my uni...OMG>>
Can I go around United Kingdom? Scotland? or any where that organise by uni? How about the cost?

Nothing special, only to update things that I've seen...But anyone interested in it??I don't know~~
Guess what?! Many of my coursemate when to watch TIGER SHOW somewhere around some street last night.& they say it was quite "interesting".

Pic: Taxi in Liverpool.

Pic: The church that i snap from my uni washroom today...My friend tod me that it was nice in there.
Pic: I just don't understand why that kid play at the fountain, why maybe his parents just watching him beside.He's playing without wearing his shirt. Their was a dog that he's owner was like DRUNK or something, throwing the plastic bottle to the fountain & plays with the lovely dog.

Pic: Same as above, near to the place where we can make lots of shoppings...
It's kind of cold today, I though it would be yesterday - not that COLD...But then I wear shirt & socks..Oh man..It was freezing. Those local people was like immune to that weather, they even wear short (very short one) and sexy clothes..But I really like their boots!!!I want one toooo!!!

My lunch for today. Cost Pound 1.50

My lunch for yesterday, Mc. Donald- Quater Pounder set.Cost Pound 3.28.
Yaiks..eating burger for two days already...


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