Sunday, June 15, 2008

High Street Fashion at Lord Street, Liverpool

At last I knew that the Extraordinary thing that I saw that day was there weekend market I think~~
Thanks for my friends who visited my blog entries...I'm glad about it actually!!!
Yup!! Today went out to do some shopping around Lord Street which full of outlets like Miss Selfridge, Mark & Spencer, Primark, Top Shop, Top Man and many many more...

What I bought was some cloths, pants, socks etc..Look below & you will know..
Pic: The yellow pants is my friend's & others was mine..For my older sister..I bought H&M (you requested brand)- The pants was H&M cost Pound 10 for 2; the grey shirt was Primark (one of the cheapest outlet in town) was Pound 4, the black dress (forgotten brand) was Pound 3 (Is unbelievable)(^_*) and small item is Pound 1 (Primark) ler...kekeke.Quite cheap actually...

Sister (Meatball), I still don't dare to buy for you first cause I'm in doubt of selecting dresses for you actually...So how...You see below whether you like or not?
Pic: White dress, lenght till above knee. Cost around Pound 15.

Pic: Black dress, lenght till knee. Cost Around Pound15.

Pic: Red outfit which you can wear to work. Cost around pound 10. Saw H&M plastic or not??kekekkeke =P
Hmm...My friend told me that July will have Big Summer Sales will lots of cheap & beautiful stuff...So maybe will think of waiting till then, but what if cheap but not nice then what I suppose to do----Buy expensive then...Currently there were sales, not much but still okay...As for Primark, is like Mark & Spencer with a lot of sizes, variety of style (but very cheap) but still difficult to choose one from all of those..Maybe too crowed or XXX...I don't dare to say..


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