Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cold Rain In Summer @ Liverpool

It was raining heavily today from morning until night time in Liverpool. Heard that yesterday will rain whole day but it was only at certain time with sprinkles of rain.
Umbrella was useful at that certain time, but it's really inconvinient for us to open & close the umbrella most of the time. Sudden rain & suddently no after we walk a few streets..
Took this pic from my room at the evening around 6pm. Raining time. No wonder it was cold today. Mean while today already did my laundry cost almost 3 pound. Luckily I shared with my friend.

Pic: The view outside my window wasn't that nice from my room.Just buildings. Sigh...

Pic: We try to make jumping pose. This was our "not there yet" pic. We manage to took pics that are successful after a few caption..Will show you all at coming post.


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