Sunday, June 29, 2008

Liverpool Museum - Ground Floor

So many things to talk about...
"Are you Okay?" means can I help you, Are you alright? how may I help you?

it was raining since morning until evening on the day we went to visit the museum. Free entry.

We took so much pictures that day. At night, we went to watch movies -The Incredible Hulk.A real cool movie, & I'm excited about the next one where iron man exist...Yeah!!!

Pic: Too bright. Took at night when we went to the cinema.

Pic: I' is a huge museum which consist of 5 floors.

Pic: Superlambananas again. Different lamb by different person.

Pic: Superlambananas "Respect"
Pic: Ancient 'Egypt' on second floor. Didn't manage to see those because it was under construction.
Pic: Spider Crab. It's leg was so long.

Pic:Haida House Frontal Pole.

Pic: Going up 5th Floor. Took above inside the lift.

Pic: View from above museum at their cafe. The tall building was the Radio XXX. Where i can easily recognise when I'm lost in Liverpool (my friend taught me that).


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