Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moon Bell Restaurant 月铃菜馆 - Northern Chinese Food, K.K., Sabah

Went to eat the worst KFC ever...Expensive & Su**. Even ketcup need to cost 50 pence to have some other than those free one (2 small packet only) for 10 pieces of chicken.What?!?!! I still prefer my country's fastfood. It's really disappoint me so much that, all these long I thought their's taste better & the meals was big enough.

I miss their food so so much. Really good & different from other type of food. It was Chinese Muslim food. By having the mixture of both taste, it's really makes me can't resist.

They provide veriety of fooods from chicken, beef, seafoods, vegetables except for Pork. They serve no Pork, therefore even Malays can go there for their dinner & lunch. But their serve beer, so they don't have the Halal certificate. oh....

For your information, many well know people went theirfor their lunch & dinner. Most of them was our Sabah Datin & Datuk (VIP).

Pic: The menus
Pic: Fried Octopus.

Pic: Stir fried lamb & pancakes

Pic: Seafood stuffed Brinjal.
Pic: Fried Lamb with curry powder I think. Recommended eat with a cup of cool BEER!!!

Pic: Fried Prawn

Pic: Storm Sand Chicken. Better than KFC that I can't resist. Yummy.
Pic: The Silk Road from India to China or China to India. Where the food was origin from.

Overall, the food was really GREAT!!! I do miss them especially in this cold weather..sob sob :'( Besides, their crab was famous too... Above dishes that we have was their famous dishes. We ordered mostly the same each time we went their. The service they provided was also good, bosses & workers that are friendly. Lately, my parents mostly bring their friends to have dinner there, all of them was satisfied about the food. It's really TWO THUMBS UP!!!
About the price, quite reasonable. Like a person that I know told us that, if the food is good, price is not the matter. As long as you are satisfied with it.
Moon Bell Restaurant月铃菜馆
No. 33, Jalan Haji Saman
88804 Kota Kinabalu(Opposite KK Emporium)
Tel : 019-861 1605 (Ms. Karen)

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