Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I See - Weekend in Liverpool

I just wonder whether a couple knows that are they meant together? If so, how would you be sure about it? Even for a person like me that involves in a long term relationship still can't be sure... Sometimes I just don't understand about it & maybe single would be better..=(

Pictures was a memory that will refresh your mind in future...Just like an old phrase "Picture means a thousand words". Just simply select pictures to blog about.

Pic: Superlambananas again.
Pic: Took it when we are on the way to university.

Pic: Vodka. Doesn't need to talk much about. Warm & nice feel.

Pic: The new boots that I've worn. And for my sis, "I step in Liverpool already"hehehe..
Pic: Water splash around St. John area. I saw children running around there having fun.

Pic: Took this outside museum..The museum was huge like a castle..More pictures coming soon, will visit the museum when we are free.
Life still go on...I think lately my blog were quite bored...Sigh...Maybe my mood was not that good. Good day everyone.


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