Friday, June 27, 2008

What I See - Love Proposal by Students at Marybone!

The new subject was quite fast actually, everyday was lecture lecture lecture....

I still remember that a male student came to our unit where we are staying to ask some of my friends to put on their room's light on 24th June. We thought that it was to give someone a birthday suprises, but actually was a love proposement from him to her. On that day, he came to remind my friends for the second or third time again.
On 24th June, one of my classmate told us that actually is that guy who want to propose to a girl that he in love with her. Many of us was curious about the lights, so many of us & some other blocks students whose not in our facaulty also join to see those lights.

Pic: Students who went down to see those lights & the proposement.
Pic: The letter of "I"..Try to see carefully..
Pic: The heart shape.LOVE

Pic: The letter "U".

Pic: The two students. A male & a female students.
Most student were there to see the proposement, he put on his jacket to that girl & gave a a red rose. Most of the student was been ask to go inside the recreation centre so that the girl won't know what's happening or shy. Students just watch from inside.
The ending is>>>>>>> You all guess the ending...I won't say whether he success or not...But heard that she cries...
That was quite romantic actually, it kind of surprised that there still have such proposement in reality... A big clap was given for him.


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