Sunday, June 15, 2008

Korean Food Restaurant, K.K., Sabah.

*Sorry to inform that, the restaurant is no longer operating here*

Din't go out today... Just stay at home watching movies~~
Forgotten about my Korean food pictures which I took on my three months holiday before coming to Liverpool. Quite nice actually, cost RM10 per dish which we had.

A new Korean Restaurant which operated near my house, me and my sisters went there to have our dinner. At the same time, after we we wait a while...There were storm suddently and blackout.
Pic: Kim Chi!!! I like it very much. There were 2, one is carrot & one is normal Kim Chi that we can found in Supermarket.
Pic: 炸酱面

Pic: 麻辣面

Pic: 四川面

Pic: Satisfaction for our Dinner that night.
There were varitey of dishes for us to choose- rice and noodles.But I choose noodles for my dinner.
Saw the candle? It's really black out that night until we finish our last dish of Korean Mee. Overall, is okay..Just need to wait for a long time for them to prepare for us. Maybe that restaurant was still new.
Location: Damai housing area, same block with Restaurant 2020.

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