Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fashion Hauls! Typical Oversea Student Life

Today's exam would be a bit miserable where marks allocated was so high & attempts to question was point glances through my mind. At one time, I was having difficulties in starting the first words. However, with some clear in mind & soul..Somehow, it will be better...Just stay calm..

Went to shopping after my exam. At last I bought a pairs of Boots..Yeah!!! I'm so excited. My friend also bought one pairs & she told me where did she buy. So, we went there together.

Pic: At last I bought the Coca-Cola (Britain Edition)-GB for my mom & request by mom's friend. The Black one (CC Zero)-great taste, I just wonder whether they want to collect or not? Cherry coke was my friend's. Cost around 65 pence if not mistaken. The taste was a bit different from Malaysia Edition where you can feel it with your teeth.

Pic: Cod Liver oil (Multivitamins)cost 3.19 pound for skin etc.. The weather was dry & cold.

Pic: Real leather boots cost 20 pound where Malaysia, I think it is difficult to find one which cost such price. Socks- 1 pound.
Pic: Balenciaga sling bag..from my mom on the day when I'm coming to Liverpool. My fur bag was consequently teared apart...

More pictures coming up soon. This Saturday will be the day for my first trip to York i think. Next Wednesday will be going to Chester & XXX (forgotten). Chester to have some shopping where many outlets were there... Wait ya my sisters...

Pic: Considered as a good lunch for today. Cost 1.90 pound with drinks. Better than KFC in Liverpool for me.. At last...


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