Friday, June 13, 2008

LJMU - Pretty Beginning of Summer at John Foster Building, Liverpool

It has been so cold this two days..though it will be getting warmer, but it was the other way round...Pity for me who can't stand the cold weather.. I even wear long pants and double pieces of shirt and cover myself with two blanket when sleeping last night even have the heater beside...Luckily before I came, i bought the "skin cloth" (underwear) so that i can wear them...But then I still didn't wear it to go out for class...heheeheh...(^_^)

See...We are having a fun time taking pictures together (part of us who came to UK)..This is one of the version that I have here..

What i mean is having fun but still miss home...miss everyone...especially Malaysia food for a person like me who love any kind of food...I want chili!!!!,hot & spicy...CURRY...So hot & warm my body....=(
The garden was full of little white & yellow flower like we can see in movies...I even can lye on the grasses to have some nap..kekeke..


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