Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gala Dinner Night - Star Cruise Gemini

Raining the whole morning & afternoon. It was Freezingggg~~~

Forgotten about my Gala Dinner with the Cruise Captain that was months ago. We manage to have dinner with the Cruise Captain that night, but the night before we must place a booking so that we have the opportunity to have a nice dinner with Captain. We arrive punctually, unfortunately for us that arrive early we didn't manage to take pictures with those Captain...sigh...

These reminds me that a tall & handsome captain waived & smiled at me on the first day when i was looking outside the windows on my phone from my room. I knew that he was the captain after I read their cruise structure on board.

Below was the pictures of their high class restaurant and those foods ranges from appetizer, soup, main course & dessert. Although it was small, but you will be full by the end of the dinner...Simply delicious.

The environment:

The appetizer:

The main course:

The soup:

The desert:

There were songs that sing by those crews on board, as a matter of appreciation and entertainment.

Pic: Handsome philippines singer entertainted us with beautiful voice.

pic: Took picture before our dinner.


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