Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is China Town @ Liverpool

Raining the whole morning until afternoon since yesterday. Went to the museum today...More pictures coming soon.

Liverpool also have their own China Town which located at Nelson Street. All shop are operated by Chinese, but I don't know why the street was so quite...

Pic: The view of their main entrance
Pic: The main entrance of China Town.

Pic: Restaurants Pic: The symbol of Chinese. The dragon generation. Pic: Their Church.
Pic: Place for Karaoke ''China City''

Actually I though China Town was very large with shops & we can see Chinese all the way...Yes, we met Chinese who talk Cantonese & a lady from China who work in a Chinese supermarket. China Town was only a street which have 4 blocks (i think)-above picture. The after we walk a while it's end & continued with a housing area.

p/s: Going to York tomorrow (Saturday), A place that's far from Liverpool according to the map.

Now is 6.27pm, 27th June 2008.


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