Thursday, June 12, 2008

Story of the Liverpool Artist - A Case History

Hmm....I felt like my time was not enough...

Din't realise that there were this when we on the way walking to China Town.

Big case that made of stone... For my information, some of those is representing those famous singer who been to Liverpool I think..

Sculpture for singer like Paul McCartney (Ex- Beatles) etc...

I saw people taking photo with them...It's kind of funny feeling because everyone looking when they were in buses or cars that drive through.

By the way, I've been to China Town, but din't went to that zone, just buying things outside, it's really like a normall market that we can see in Malaysia too..Got Korean mee, Maggie Sos, but no maggie noodles etc..I felt i'm back to Malaysia doing some market-ing in Chinese Market.


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