Friday, June 20, 2008

What I See - Snap Shots of Weekend in Liverpool

I couldn't sleep last night because there were too noisy outside...Ang mo who came back from clubbing, students who chit-chatting downstair with laughter and all source of voices & sound. I just wake up once again & drink my milk & continue to sleep .
Snap shot that I took whenever I want in Liverpool.

Pic: We saw above when we are on the way back to home. Those safety hat was drawn by school children in Liverpool.

Pic: Their Double Decker Bus. Saw those heads? It was the picture of The Beatles!!!
Pic: Singing at the street. Snap them without letting them know. Heard students saying that they were once took others similar like these, but then those 'singer' requested 5 pound from them. What??
Pic: Behind was my University that I'm studying. Snap this at the middle of the road.
Pic: Preparing to go out. She left me..wuwuwu...She went to her sister's place now-a-days cause no class till Sunday...
I felt that I'm lucky cause this year was Liverpool's Capital of Culture year. Many shows & many different & beautiful things to see.
p/s: Mom, I bought Cola, made in GB for collection.


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