Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1 Borneo

A new shopping mall around Kota Kinabalu.
From now onward, Sabahan doesn't need to go KL for shopping because their were similar shops that were operating in 1 Borneo.So, I think most of them would be willing to go to other places for their holidays.

For your information, 1 Borneo will be Sabah's shopping hotspot for tourist.

Below was the pictures that I took before their actual opening. Me, my sister and her friends went there to have dinner at Japanese Restaurant.

Pic: My favorite brand was here. MICKEY!! The workers even ask me & my younger sister go inside & took pictures with Mickey,but no, didn't take pictures with it.

Pic: Heard that there will be thousand of fishes in that aquarium.

Pic: Sasa!!! CK!!!!

Actually there were more oulets but didn't manage to take more pictures. In my mind, it really feel like Pavilion, KL & Mid Valley Megamall.


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