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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Excited about Trip to York, UK

The scenery on the way to York was beautiful, just can't take my eyes of them... Can't sleep in the coach even I tried. Somehow, I just can't believe I'm actually in U.K.

Pic: Leaving on 8.oo am in the morning. Saw the coach behind? 2 coach send us to York (12pound)

Pic: Yellow Flower at the field beside.

Pic: Actually it's look better by eyes. I think it was a city.

Pic: The place where we rest a while.

Pic: Saw a lot of lamb along the way at the field and the valley.So cute.

Pic: Cow -where you can get fresh milk.
Pic: Horses. My friend told me that that was "UK's horses not Malaysia, not same one"
Pic :York houses.
Pic: Walking along the way with our Clubs And Society Coordinator and free & easy after we reach St. Leonard Street for washroom & hiking.
Pic: Tit bits
Pic: The Valley. Can't believe I can see such a beautiful place on the way back to Liverpool.

All of us was exhausted after the whole day trip. Our face was naturally blushed.

Pic: My classmates since studying in KL.

Liverpool Museum - Ground Floor

So many things to talk about...
"Are you Okay?" means can I help you, Are you alright? how may I help you?

it was raining since morning until evening on the day we went to visit the museum. Free entry.

We took so much pictures that day. At night, we went to watch movies -The Incredible Hulk.A real cool movie, & I'm excited about the next one where iron man exist...Yeah!!!

Pic: Too bright. Took at night when we went to the cinema.

Pic: I' is a huge museum which consist of 5 floors.

Pic: Superlambananas again. Different lamb by different person.

Pic: Superlambananas "Respect"
Pic: Ancient 'Egypt' on second floor. Didn't manage to see those because it was under construction.
Pic: Spider Crab. It's leg was so long.

Pic:Haida House Frontal Pole.

Pic: Going up 5th Floor. Took above inside the lift.

Pic: View from above museum at their cafe. The tall building was the Radio XXX. Where i can easily recognise when I'm lost in Liverpool (my friend taught me that).

Overview on York Trip!

Reach Marybone around 8.00pm, all of us was exhausted...(@_@)
We went to York by the coach provided and we are excited so much. Along the way we can see scenery which is facinating and we took so much pictures!!!

Below was the map & some places that we can visit when we reach York.

We walk along the journey at York and visited few place such as the museum which was free entry at York Museum, York Boat, ate Haddock (a.k.a Fish & Chip but without chips for me today, too much chips yesterday).

Pic: Bought those from York Museum Trust which also the museum that we visited for free. MOM, saw the Kit-Kat magnet, key chain,pepper & salt? Bought it for home like you requested. You like it or not?? [All = 9.83pound]

Pic: 傻傻的我们。

Pic: Those guys back there was my classmates from KL & in UK.
More pictures coming

Pics: Movies last night. Meatball (sis), does the picture below there rings the bell?? kekeke...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Updates : Visit to Museum @ Liverpool

Went to the museum which located near to our home stay. More pictures coming soon....

Pic: Selected pic from meseum...Nice or not?

This is China Town @ Liverpool

Raining the whole morning until afternoon since yesterday. Went to the museum today...More pictures coming soon.

Liverpool also have their own China Town which located at Nelson Street. All shop are operated by Chinese, but I don't know why the street was so quite...

Pic: The view of their main entrance
Pic: The main entrance of China Town.

Pic: Restaurants Pic: The symbol of Chinese. The dragon generation. Pic: Their Church.
Pic: Place for Karaoke ''China City''

Actually I though China Town was very large with shops & we can see Chinese all the way...Yes, we met Chinese who talk Cantonese & a lady from China who work in a Chinese supermarket. China Town was only a street which have 4 blocks (i think)-above picture. The after we walk a while it's end & continued with a housing area.

p/s: Going to York tomorrow (Saturday), A place that's far from Liverpool according to the map.

Now is 6.27pm, 27th June 2008.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tour to Liverpool Football Club (LFC) @ Liverpool

Going to Liverpool Club on the 30 August 2008 (Saturday) with the price of 11 pound.

Heard that there will be a match...maybe is a friendly match I think... I think it is a must place to visit because I'm now in Liverpool right?

Many outlets are going on sales...I think there will be more later...Wait ya my sisters....I'm out of ideas what to buy... My luggages are limitedddddd!!!!!

What I See - Love Proposal by Students at Marybone!

The new subject was quite fast actually, everyday was lecture lecture lecture....

I still remember that a male student came to our unit where we are staying to ask some of my friends to put on their room's light on 24th June. We thought that it was to give someone a birthday suprises, but actually was a love proposement from him to her. On that day, he came to remind my friends for the second or third time again.
On 24th June, one of my classmate told us that actually is that guy who want to propose to a girl that he in love with her. Many of us was curious about the lights, so many of us & some other blocks students whose not in our facaulty also join to see those lights.

Pic: Students who went down to see those lights & the proposement.
Pic: The letter of "I"..Try to see carefully..
Pic: The heart shape.LOVE

Pic: The letter "U".

Pic: The two students. A male & a female students.
Most student were there to see the proposement, he put on his jacket to that girl & gave a a red rose. Most of the student was been ask to go inside the recreation centre so that the girl won't know what's happening or shy. Students just watch from inside.
The ending is>>>>>>> You all guess the ending...I won't say whether he success or not...But heard that she cries...
That was quite romantic actually, it kind of surprised that there still have such proposement in reality... A big clap was given for him.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What I See - This is Lime Street, Liverpool

Was the end of chapters...So tired today. Planning to go Paris...=p

Pic: Lime Street Railway Station where we can go places with it.

Pic: Another version of Superlambananas, actually all Lambananas was for a limited period only.

Pic: Outside the museum

Pic: Superlambananas infront of the museum. It was high up there..My leg shaking & feeling like falling down...Sigh..I'm too weak.
My classmates was planning to go places around Euro, but where to find the cheapest way ah?