Friday, May 16, 2008

Superstar Gemini (SSG) Entertainment at Night!!

there's nothing that I can talk about now~~~Going UK next month~~=(

At Star Cruise Trip, on 9.30pm each day there will be entertainment show for tourist like us to enjoy.
Each night, there would be different shows provided, for example dances, singing etc... Hmm...mostly dances would be good to watch..SSG invited dancers from Brazil and dancers who ever won cups before... Although they look nice & friendly when dances,but in reality they are NOT!!!!

The show on the first few days are disallowed to take pictures due to Copyright. pic are taken..

Below pictures are allow to be taken. Most of the Entertainer below are SSG own employees from all over Asia..Indonesia, Phillipnes, Thailand etc~~

Pic: Actually, she/he was a man, fro Philippines~~He's imitating Diana Ross for that day..He's action was sOoOo funny!!

Pic: Saw the guy in blue coloured shirt??He's SHY GUY (we called him that because of the show when the first time we watch). Justin Timberlake's song for their dance. SHY GUY was extraordinary~~

Pic: Above two picture was the same person, the real CRUISE DIRECTOR from Phillipines. Nice person.
Pic: There were show by them which were imitating singers for us to enjoy. Real funny and i can laught my heart out~~~HAHAHHAAH. Three of them are guys, but wear girls outfits.
Pic: Bingo Day. Where mostly ang mo know how's the game work. Guys entertainers dress like girls and few are real girls. They present themself as Miss Malaysia, Thailand, America, India....

Pic: The dancers from Brazil, wearing sexy outfit & doing sexy dances...WOW!!

Pic: Singers which originated from Phillipines. Good voice they have. They are the group singers who always sings at SSG's restaurant and plays the music instrument.

Pic: The "BEATLES"..They are acting like one & singing Beatle's song. I forgot the title of the song already.

Pic: The end shows where most of the SSG attendants sing the song..
I really enjoy for that trip, each day was wonderful..People greet you, people treats you real nice and you felt different. Kind of miss Star Cruise when we saw cruise when we drive through our ports.


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