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【印尼巴厘游玩记】 They went to Bali Island, Indonesia!

My brand for my dream car is BMW..Just love it!!!

Just want you all to know something about BALI Island at Indonesia... I didn't follow my parents & sister to Bali, but I manage to see it from PICTURES...

A beautiful place that photographers & scenery lovers should be going to.

Here are some places that they have been..

The first thing when I ask my mom how was her trip. She told me that it's really like pictures & painting..Really beautiful like the song that she listen when she was young.

They have been eating BABI GULING which my mom dislike but my sister & dad says it was nice..They just gave them the skin of the pork and the meat are cook with vegetables & some other things.

As for the Volcano, the valcano was alive. It's just haze coming out. The were grandfather, father & son volcano if I'm not mistaken.

As for my sister, she craving for Krispy Kreme so much...Until she insist that she MUST eat it!!!

Bali was not a undeveloped place, they have branded stuff & they drive branded car too...
As for the monkey, it chase my mom on the day she come back to Sabah... NAUGTHY MONKEY!!

OK, that's all..Going back home..Bye Bye..
p/s: Oh ya, BTW anyone wanna go BALI? Many cheap package offered now..Or you all can just visit here/ contact here ((click)). -or maybe other places that you wanna visit..


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  1. babi guling was really good!!

    bali is a great holiday spot.