Monday, May 26, 2008

【印尼巴厘游玩记】 They went to Bali Island, Indonesia!

My brand for my dream car is BMW..Just love it!!!

Just want you all to know something about BALI Island at Indonesia... I didn't follow my parents & sister to Bali, but I manage to see it from PICTURES...

A beautiful place that photographers & scenery lovers should be going to.

Here are some places that they have been..

The first thing when I ask my mom how was her trip. She told me that it's really like pictures & painting..Really beautiful like the song that she listen when she was young.

They have been eating BABI GULING which my mom dislike but my sister & dad says it was nice..They just gave them the skin of the pork and the meat are cook with vegetables & some other things.

As for the Volcano, the valcano was alive. It's just haze coming out. The were grandfather, father & son volcano if I'm not mistaken.

As for my sister, she craving for Krispy Kreme so much...Until she insist that she MUST eat it!!!

Bali was not a undeveloped place, they have branded stuff & they drive branded car too...
As for the monkey, it chase my mom on the day she come back to Sabah... NAUGTHY MONKEY!!

OK, that's all..Going back home..Bye Bye..
p/s: Oh ya, BTW anyone wanna go BALI? Many cheap package offered now..Or you all can just visit here/ contact here ((click)). -or maybe other places that you wanna visit..

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  1. babi guling was really good!!

    bali is a great holiday spot.