Friday, April 11, 2008

Sabah wellknown Bubble Tea - YOYO Cafe, K.K.

Still sick till today~~sigh...

YOYO Cafe is a cafe where I love to be when I am bored, when I want to meet my friends...
They renovated few weeks back, and began operating already~~

Their famous drink is Pearl Milk Tea 珍珠奶茶I love to drink it, but too fatty. Therefore, I prefer to drink Green Tea or Red Tea with Pearl or with coconut cube, but still drink Milk Tea sometimes. Even Meatball (my sister) love to drink Pudding Milk Tea plus coconut cube布丁奶茶加椰果!!! More fat..

But nevermind lar..She don't mind anyway...hehehe.=)
By the way, even friends and my parents' friends from other places say their drink really taste GOOD!!! Their Milk Tea really taste different, I don't know why... Like Teh C, but thicker than Teh C.

Picture below is Green Tea which I drink.


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