Friday, April 18, 2008

Star Cruise Gemini Trip --- Room that we are staying in SSG

Excited when we first step into the Cruise. We are staying in a room which is more expensive (RM2000++) than the other. The room is expensive accordingly because of its windows for tourist like us to look out the window.
Pic: The beds and the windows. We can see the scenery outside -- the island, the city etc...

Pic: The bathroom. Frighten us when we flush.

Pic: The bathroom where we took our bath. It's small, but it's pack with everything needed.
Pic: Their closet. Their were 4 closet for 4 person.
Pic: TV sets, and make-up table are provided.
The bed are double deckered, but I just sleep with my sister in the same bed.


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