Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Star Cruise Gemini Trip --- Langkawi (29-02-2008)

We reach Langkawi Port on 9a.m. The land of free tax. Where all item sold are free taxed. Even STARBUCKS!!!

Pic: Langkawi's Port.

First place that we visit was the Underwater World Langkawi. Where many kinds of underwater creatures. i.e: fishes, sea horse, turtles etc.. and birds park where you can see different kinds of birs like parrots etc.. Even snake and comodo are in the list. Me and my sister went to watch their 3D...and it was not good, nothing interesting.

But overall, I love to watch animals, birds etc..and I would say it's really GREAT!!!

Below are some of the pictures taken in there~~

Secondly, we went to Kota Mahsuri where we see Princess Mahsuri's graveyard, she was innocent and being killed, her blood was white in colour and she cursed Langkawi for over 7 generation. Yes, 7 Generation has passed. Langkawi were improving now.

we visited Black Sand Beach where there sand are black in colour. We still can see some black sand around, those stall heading to the beach sold those sand in a small bottle for tourist like us. According to local, the sand can prevent us from evil or ghost.
Below was the view taken from the beach. The lower end on the right was the black sand.

Pic: The staircase to the beach. Still the same like 10 years before when I still a child.

After visited some places, we went to do some SHOPPING like usual... Branded stuff are cheap~~ Didn't bought any =(

Pic: The trademark of Langkawi. The EAGLE!!! Didn't walk to the Park because it's raining, we just took a pic from far.

After shopping, we went back to the ship. Didn't manage to visit more places, actually they have more place to visit because all of us are exhausted. We seems to find place to sit, rather than shop around.

P/S: If you are a chocolate lover, DON'T FORGET TO BUY CHOCOLATE, Langkawi sold many types of chocolate with a CHEAP price.


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