Attending some local events held in town. It is great to know that more and more events were planned and held in K.K., offering much interesting program for us and tourists who visit here.

I do enjoy and appreciate performers who performed well and took effort to make a great show for the audiences. :)

- Snaps shots of events attended  -

Attending events in town may cost some ticket charges (either being charged above or lower than RM50.00 or charges as low as RM2.00), I did attend those if they are interesting (although cost expensive for some). In short, I may be quite selective to attend events. From the posts I have written before, readers will have a concept of what I like and which events I might be attending in future too. ;)

Thus, I did receive invitation to attend events held in town from amazing people!! :) I really appreciate the opportunities they have given to me to be part the event going on.

Have fun reading.




     - Official Blogger and Winner of The Big Flight (A380) by MAS Airlines

- ASIA -

     * Kota Kinabalu
        - Lunar Eclipse 2011
        - CNY Night Markets 
        - 1 Borneo Hypermall
           * Greyson Chance in K.K.

        - Bella Restaurant (Bella Italia)
          * All You Can Eat Crabs
          * Earth Hour 2011 (with video)

        - City Mall
           * Hobbycon 2010

        - City Centre (KKCity)
          * DBKK
             - Bug Fest 2014 #Volkswagen

          * Jesselton Point
             - Stompin Sabah 2011 (with video)

          * Gaya Street
             - Bonding with Gaya Street (2012)

             - Sunday Market (Weekly)
             - Jesselton Art Market (Once a month)          

          * Hyatt Regency Hotel
             - Miss Borneo Tourism International Queen 2010

          * Padang Merdeka
             - Dragon and Lion Dances 2011

          * Promenade Hotel
             - The Opening of Sabah 1st Monumental Bird's Nest Concept Ballroom
          * Suria Sabah
             - Turtle Conservation Campaign 2011
             - Orchids Show

        - Karamunsing Capital
           * KK Twestival 2011 (Tweet.Meet.GiveBah.)

        - Likas
          * Hobbycon 2014     

        - Lintas
          * Party Play Lifestyle Cafe - Extension Launching (Invited Guest) 

        - Penampang
          * Sabah Cultural Centre
             - The 6th Sabah International Folklore Festival 2011

        - Pretty Wild Diva (PWD)
          * Imperial Hotel - Preloved Treasure Hunt
          * Centre Point Sabah - Shopaholics Bazaar 2012
          * Suria Sabah - Shopaholics Bazaar 2011

        - Sutera Harbour Resort
          * Christmas Lighting 2011
          * PCA (KK) Charity Dinner & Concert - 10th Anniversary Celebration (100% Kyle) (video)
          * Sabah Fest 2011 - Papakang (with video)
          * The 5th Jazz Festival
          * The 4th Jazz Festival
          * The 10th 7K Sunset Run
          * Miss Scuba International 2015

        - Times Square
           * White Room - Hennessy Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" 2011

        - Yayasan Sabah
           * Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra 2011

    * Kudat
       - Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011  (with video) 



Liverpool, a place where I have pursued my short semester. It was great to know that European Capital of Culture 2008 was held at Liverpool when I was there and over the year, there were various activities and programs held in Liverpool and the same happens while I was there for Summer Program.

** Liverpool
  - Big Dance Liverpool

  - Everywhere
     * Music Festival
     * Superlambanana

  - Adelphi Hotel
    * LJMU Farewell Dinner at Aldephi Dinner & Disco

  - Mersey Ferry Terminal
    * Showcase of Maritime Song & Music


et cetera...