The Cowboy Town of Sabah - Sabandar Leisure Ride, Tuaran

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Sabandar Leisure Ride, Tuaran.

It was a random decision to visit Sabandar Leisure Ride during one fine Sunday. Moreover, the place was such a happening one in fact, with all of the people nearby and even from Kota Kinabalu drive there to have a look at the new Cowboy place.

- The Cowboy Town of Sabah -

The exterior building design is interesting with the concept and designs that we normally see in television, with wooden design that shows the vintage and cowboy country side.

It was few months after they are open for public, however, it was fewer choices for refreshments.

- Sabandar Leisure Ride -

- Hi, Ivy -

Every horse which we saw there was named. For those who are interested to feed them, just pay a small sum to purchase the grasses.

- Bamboo Restaurant -

- Bamboo Restaurant -

We went to the mangrove areas where we can see mangroves, restaurant and a few rooms for private function. It was interesting and it would be a great place for small private function.

- Riding Horses -

Visitors who went there have the chance to ride a horse with fees allocated, one round of ride with professional guide.

- Sabandar Cowboy Lodge & Cafe -

More space for improvement for them. For such I heard recently, the place is upgraded with more activities now. A short visiting out of town will be a fine place here, just the hot weather made it uncomfortable.

- Mangrove Area -

Facebook : Sabandar Leisure Ride
Location : Jalan Pantai Sahbandar, Sabah, Malaysia.


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  1. would b so nice and entertained if there's cowboy like music are played throughout the day and the workers are wearing the cowboy/girl robe.... place is nice....