【越南游】下龙湾与河内 (V.1) : 5天四夜 Vietnam : Ha Long Bay and Hanoi - 5D/4N

In fact, I love Vietnam Cuisine which is less oily as compared to those we had in China. Vietnam cuisine is much greener (vegetables) and less oily. For those who are traveling with a budget, they might think of visiting Vietnam for a short trip, food and buying goods are so much cheaper and reasonable there (plus, depends where you go). As for the safety condition, we might think of less going out at night, and any suspicious person comes forward, just stay as far as possible and leave the place.

尤其我们第一次到达越南旅游, 觉得越南美食是蛮好吃的, 没那么油腻。 那些包包有限的朋友们, 可以考虑到越南游一游。 要注意的就是出外都要小心, 夜了也不要乱走, 看见可疑人物尽量走开。 我们的导游告诉了我们一些越南故事, 真的让我刹那间觉得越南很恐怖。

The First Day :Ping Xiang - Ha Long Bay 第一天 : 凭祥 - 下龙湾

We had our night at a small town (province) in China named Ping Xiang before entering the "Friendship Pass" of China Vietnam.  I always said that, we walk all the way from China to Vietnam. Once we passes through, we were at the Vietnam border, our Vietnamese tourist guide fetched us and proceeded with 4 hours road journey (by bus) to Ha Long Bay and had lunch between the hours of ride.

During the night, we had our bath and dinner and some of us continued ourselves with local massages and joined others for the local night market shopping as well.

凭祥镇 (中国) 逗留了一晚, 让后前往“中国越南友谊关”出境, 步行到达了越南。在越南边界, 我们的越南导游接了我们后前往下龙湾, 预测乘着四小时车程才可以抵达。 半途中,我们也吃过了午餐, 逛了一些商品店才到目的地。

到了晚上,我也去了脚底按摩以及到了本地的夜市逛逛, 也买了超值的物品带回家留念。 精致的手工物品是我欣赏的物件哦!

- Vietnam Border 越南边界 -

- Night Market 夜市 -

 The Second Day - Ha Long Bay 第二天 : 下龙湾
Ha Long Bay  also known as The Best Scenery at the North of Vietnam. Visited Tian Gong Cave, The Wood Cane and The Heaven Island (The mountain in the sea.). We hired a huge cruise for sight seeing at the sea, we had our lunch on the cruise too. The scenery was beautifully defined.

During the Night, we went to the nearby hotel for the famous water puppet show (recommended in Ha Long Bay/ Vietnam). Before the show started, we went for a short gambling session at their Casino, I won few USD Dollar only!! The water puppet show was interesting though and we also went to watch Vietnamese cultural show at the same night as well. Kid you not, the cultural show was quite similar to ours here in Sabah, they also have Bamboo dances as well and even some of the custom looks similar too.

我们的早晨吃过了早餐, 大家也乘船参观了下龙湾最美的水上风景, 也称为北部第一胜景。 记得那个美美的帆船吗? 就在此哦! 乘着我们的大船, 我们到访了天宫洞 游览了木头洞 香炉屿石狗炉参观渔乡 (我们在此有点感觉给骗了, 他们一手抓到了鱼就打死了, 然后要我们付钱 :( ) 游览海上石林天堂岛。 下龙湾风景的确不错,我们还爬上了最高峰, 看到了大片的天堂岛。

到了晚上, 我们观赏了水上木偶表演以及看了传统舞蹈表演。 趁着木偶表演还没开始, 我们在酒店里的赌场赌了一些。 哈哈! 传统舞蹈的评语就是, 越南的某些种族真的与沙巴好像哦! 他们也有竹子舞蹈, 衣装也有点像。

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛 -

- The Heaven Island 海上石林天堂岛 -

- Water Puppet Show 木偶表演 -

- Cultural Dances 传统舞蹈表演 -

The Third Day : Ha Long Bay - Hanoi 第三天 : 下龙湾 - 河内

It was time for us to visit the next destination - Hanoi. It tooks about 5 hours ride to reach Hanoi. Once we had our breakfast, its time to go. The first place to visit in Hanoi is Ba Dinh Square, also the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and his Presidential Palace. We also visited Ho Chih Min Museum, the late Ho Chih Min was a President who developed Vietnam as it is today.  We did passes by The Yi Zhu Temple which Vietnamese believe that if you touches the staircase/ the god sculpture, the god have the power to give you a son if you wish for. 

In the afternoon, we have visited the 36 ancient streets by tricycle. Interesting scenery of the local lifestyle that I could see at a glance on a tricycle. Should I mention that the vehicles at Hanoi just OMG, honks everywhere. We also had Vietnamese coffee too!

早餐后游览巴亭广场 参观胡志明陵寢、游览一柱寺、 参观胡志明博物馆。 

下午, 乘坐三轮车参观东北著名的36古街。 很喜欢这街道的风情, 可以看见越南人的一些生活习惯。

- Ban Dinh Square : Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum 巴亭广场 : 胡志明陵寢 -

Presidential Palace 故宫 -

Presidential Palace 故宫 -

- 36 ancient streets by tricycle 三轮车参观东北著名的36古街 -

The Fourth Day : Hanoi 第四天 : 河内

As Lonely Planet recommended, Tam Coc is one of the must visit place in Hanoi. It was raining when we were there, Tam Coc known as one of Vietnam's most spectacular sights with limestone outcrops amid serene rice paddies along the river.

我们的导游带着我们走山, 看看山上的庙。 中午, 吃过了午餐就游览陆龙湾。 陆龙湾也被录取为河内必定参观的地方之一,下着雨也有很多人等着机会上船。 也许天气没那么好, 所以我们看见那片最美稻米的机会也减少了。 在这里, 也可以看见船夫用脚踩船呢。

- Tam Coc 陆龙湾 -

 - Tam Coc 陆龙湾 -

- 这就是常见的风景 Their Lifestyle is having tea/coffee like this -

The Fifth Day : Hanoi - Kuala Lumpur 第五天: 河内-吉隆玻

That's how we ended our 5 days 4 nights trip in Vietnam.

就是这样, 我们也结束了我们越南游!


Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!

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