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Friday, December 23, 2011

CUTEBUN - You've WON the Giveaway # 2 by Withinmeitzeu!

Drum Rollssssss~

Winner for GIVEAWAY #2 was drawn!

- Giveaway # 2 -


 - List of Bloggers entered -

 TO :

- The RESULT -

Cutebun from (Click) you just help me drawn the result! :D

Click the images for larger view!

Cutebun! Will contact you soon! :P

As for those who didn't win, don't feel sad, there's always a NEXT GIVEAWAYSS!



  1. I never thought I won! LOL. Thank you Mei Tzeu and also =D

  2. I saw my name on the second! better luck next time ^^
    Congrats Cutebun!

  3. i saw my name on the fourth.try again next time :) btw congrats Cutebun :3


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