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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi Seoul!! Korean Restaurant - Likas Square, K.K., Sabah

A nee o, Ha Se Yo!!!

Last year, I went to a nice Korean Restaurant called "Hi Seoul!! at Likas Square, Kota Kinabalu on my elder sister's birthday.

The dishes served was very delicious.


Ginseng Chicken Soup with Glulitine rice.
The soup really taste great with the smell of Ginseng. Saw the long ginseng??

Pumpkin soup. Is kind of sweet for me, I still prefer my homemade pumpkin soup..^^

Famous beef for Korean dish. WOW!!! My saliva drolling now. Yummy!!! Nyum nyum!!

I love the below dish. All in one. Vegetables and meat. *two thumbs up*

Well.... as for the price, it's a little expensive or reasonable for few of us to have such a great dinner. We ordered 5 or 6 pax of beef for RM18 per pax. I still remember the smell and the gravy for the beef. Real nice.
Go and have a try in that new Korean Restaurant ya~~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

POTD - Stop to Violence @ York

I woud love to have a peaceful world. Maybe possible, maybe not~~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Penang Village, 1 Borneo, K.K., Sabah.

Updated on 22.09.2011 - The Restaurant is longer in operation.

Stay at home today, watching movies and reading some documents etc...most of all surfing through the net and listen to nice music~~~ That's my life.

Is been a windy day since this morning, people was feeling a bit cold. I'm going to post entries about foods that I had, on one fine night with some of my family members and an aunt of mine.

Penang Village - It was a franchise restaurant located at One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Just like usual, pictures says its all.

DURIAN CENDOL - I love these. sweet & tempting.

PANDAN CHICKEN. Which was a famous dish in Malaysian Food (My Opinion). Nice flavour of chicken.
The left dish was fried vegetables with normal prawn with vegetables. The fried vegetable nice to eat, but a nit too salty.
The right was Fish with pumpkin. Fish was okay, but the pumpkin wasn't cook enough. Felt a bit hard when eating it for a try at first.

Fried rice with chicken & bull's eye.
The taste was not bad, according to the person who ate those.

Air Sirap Bandung. I don't remember whether the name was correct, but the something to do with "Bandung".

The red/pink syrup with "lime" was great. I like the taste very much, sweet with a bit of sour that make us feels like eating (appetite).

Overall, the food was alright, the price was depending on type of foods that we ordered with a reasonable price.
I'm sleepy. Good night everyone.