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Thursday, August 28, 2014

That Soup by Kedai Kopi Huong Kee (鸿记茶餐室) @ Damai, #KKCity

Perfect morning for a bowl of hot soup!
Indeed this restaurant is well known for it's noodle soup, varieties from fish, the fish slices, head to tail and even inside out to choose with. (haha :D)

It's been a while since the last I had and last Saturday, we had it again!

- Mixed Fish Noodle/  'Salted Vege Tofu Soup' 咸菜豆腐湯 -

- Tauhu (Stuffed Bean curd) -

By the way it looks, saliva drooling OR NOT!!??

- Kedai Kopi Huong Kee (鸿记茶餐室) -


- Morning Breakfast on Weekend -

- The Menu -

Somehow I just love soup!
Operating Hour :
7:00 am to 2:30pm

Address :
No.15, Ground Floor, Block B, Damai Plaza Phase 4
Lorong Pokok Kayu Manis 2, Luyang 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Contact No. :

Friday, August 22, 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia : Great Shows by Ocean Dream Samudra (Jaya Ancol)

Indonesia Part 7 (End) -  Ocean Dream Samudra, Jakarta.


It was our last day in Jakarta before we left. Mr. Han brought us to the well known recreation park and we did enjoy ourselves with all the shows being performed, the crew really did a great job in managing the recreation park and the creatures there.

- Ocean Dream Samudra -

"Ocean Dream Samudra features several animal shows, a small aquarium, and a 4D theater. The trained animal shows include a dolphin show and sea lion show. The 4D theater projects 3D image movies with sensations such as cool breezes and water sprays located inside a large building with Mesoamerican pyramid theme. On 2011 Ocean Dream Samudra will be revitalized with the budget Rp.27 billion ($3.1 million). Ocean Dream Samudra now held "Under the Sea Musical Dance" attraction at Underwater Theater." - Wikipedia

- Interesting Variety Animal Show -

The first show we watched was variety animal show, interesting and funny. In fact, they speak Indonesian language when we were there. We were quite lucky that we are from Sabah, which we speak fairly like an Indonesian!

- Otters -

- Time Table -

We watched most of the show, however I missed the mermaid show (aka Underwater Theater)! :( Which I really would love to watch it! I went for nature call (washroom) that time. More over, our time was quite packed which we have to chase the time to watch the next show, to walk ourselves from one place to another.

- Sea Lion and Bird's Show -

Sea lions were cute and very friendly! The show still go on when there was rain, yea... We got dripped by rain. -_-

- Dolphins Show -

Jaw drop! the dolphins amazed me!

- 4 D Theater -

A show animated movie and we been splashed  by water too! Shaking seats. haha :D

- Pirates Show -

And the last show I watched was Pirates Show, they really did a great show to all of us! Well done! And there's freaking explosion too! Those stunts just WOW!

So, that's the final write up on my vacation in Indonesia, hope to see you soon, Indonesia!

Location :
Jl. Lodan Timur 7 Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Raya at Kuala Penyu, Sabah! (Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge & Binsulok Nature Resort)

It was my first visit to Kuala Penyu and this time would be together with Bae's friends and family! :)

Took us approximately one and a half hour to reach Kuala Penyu and a few minutes to reach our destination, a Malay friend house for Raya.

- Local delicacies -

Those were the delicacies that we had during Raya, Ketupat, Chicken Curry, Lemang, homemade cookies and more. What can I say is RAYA IS ALL ABOUT FOOD! We even had a great meal at Tuaran on the second day of Raya at my dad's ex colleague house while the rain was quite heavy outside! 

I was also surprised that one of my dad's ex collegue's daughter followed me on Instagram (@meitzeu) as well! Both of us were surprised!!

- Durian -

Besides the cookies and curry, we had FRESH PICK UP DURIANS!! The taste and the flesh just melt us away. Delicious bitter sweet durians. We also bought some back to K.K. with price of RM5.00 per KG!

Driving far from the city allow us to buy many fresh fruits with cheap prices!

We had good food and after that, we visited the beach nearby as well.

- Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge -

Very calm and quiet beach along the seaside. Borneo Tempurung Seaside also offer overnight package too. Certainly it would be perfect for a getaway from the city.

- Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge - 
I love the landscape and design of the seaside lodge, it really calm our mind with the breezy air around. Here is an entry writen by Ashley on Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge, she was lucky to have a great stay at Borneo Tempurung Seaside Lodge.

And we visited Binsulok Nature Resort too!

 - Lodge -

We heard people having their karaoke session at the resort. There's also teenagers who play at the beach too. 

- Bisulok Nature Resort -


- The Lodge -

I do love the design of Malay house, it does bring the local to this resort too.Private lodge for a stay!

- But first, have a #Selfie -

It was a fun visiting to Kuala Penyu for the first time. :) 

I even had a cup of drink just sitting next to the river for the first time, not beach area, just RIVER at the kopitiam. :D

Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia : We Walk and We Eat at Kelapa Gading Mall! Good Place to SHOP!

Indonesia Part 6Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta.
Dine In - Eat and Eat and Pappa Kopitiam.

Waking up with such a beautiful morning in Jakarta would be the first thing to do!

- Jakarta -

Our tourist guide, Mr. Han recommended us to go for shopping at Kelapa Gading Mall, one of the largest mall in Jakarta. In fact, it really opened our eyes to so many good quality and reasonable priced goods!

In short, shopping in Jakarta is a good choice!

- Kelapa Gading Mall -

That's one side of the mall, it was nice, doesn't it?

- CNY at the corner -

It was my first to see Lions to be ride on by children. We laughed so hard when we saw it!

- Food Court -

It's time to fill our tummy, we ended ourselves at Eat and Eat, well maintained food court with so many selection of delicious food.

- One of the menu -

Pork Satay. That's one of the selection we had and it was delicious!!! Oh my!

 - Pork Satay -

- Juice and desserts -

We rest a while and went for shopping again!

So we normally walk and went for a short break at Pappa Kopitiam... again.. 

- Pappa Kopitiam -

We laughed when we saw Pappa Kopitiam (Pappa = DAD!) :)

- One corner at the Kopitiam -

- Coffees -

- Our finger food -

Finger foods and drinks were good, however, they really had their good time while preparing the food. Extremely passionate and slow while preparing our food. Oh my.


- Cold Stone -

I miss this ice cream! The first one I had was during my holiday in Taiwan!

And off we go! Back to the restaurant and had a good dinner with family and an uncle that happens to be my dad's secondary school mate! What a small world!

- Part of my treasure! -

Such a good buy in Indonesia, quality goods and designer pieces. I really love to shop in Indonesia!

Kelapa Gading Mall definitely one of the shopping mall that I will keep in my list!

Address :

Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M,
Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14240, Indonesia

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beautiful Sunset at Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu 沙巴升旗山之黄昏 #KKCity #Sabah

It was my first to sit in and enjoy the sunset of KKCity from our familiar Signal Hill during last weekend.

Signal Hill a.k.a. Bukit Bendera is known for having one of the best view of Kota Kinabalu city.

- Egg Yolk -

They often said “夕阳无限好, 只是近黄昏” (Sunset ended within minutes), good things just ended with blinks of eyes. :)

Bae was kind of worried about me last week, it seems like I was having bad week and bad temper the whole freaking week. (haha :D). And Bae decided to end our week with the beautiful sunset of #KKCity, in fact, it was his first as well!

And here are some of the photos that I took during our chill out time at Signal Hill.

- Breathtaking Sunset -

Bae just praised how beautiful it was. :) And more over, the best thing was the person accompanying us beside. (haha :D He made me laugh so much even when I was being emotionally down.)

- Kota Kinabalu City View -

- Carbonated drink and sunset -

If only the cafe can be improved even more!!

- Burger for a try - 

Price is reasonable and the priority not for this one! Do enjoy the Sunset view with your love one. :)

Location : 
Bukit Bendera/ Signal Hill

Monday, July 28, 2014


So, we have found the panda that runs a food delivery service, non the less, it is the most powerful online tool for food delivery in the universe!


From what we have concerned, there's more than 40 countries in the world that are having foodpanda service and the numbers are increasing year by year! Such a good service to be introduced to the WORLD and in this intellectual era!

Recently, they even launched their service to Brunei and even Hong Kong! It was quite an interesting and convenient service that combines various restaurants of Chinese, Indian, Western, Italian cuisine. All in glance for us to choose in a day without walking out the office and even home!

- Selection of Countries -

At FOODPANDA.COM, there will be a list of countries for us to select, to start your order, FIRST, especially for Malaysian, click Malaysia (FOODPANDA.MY) and start your engine to select your choice based on region and list of restaurants!

Currently, the top restaurants in West Malaysia that used foodpanda delivery service would be Burger King, KFC, Kenny Rogers etc. The existence of online food delivery services really convenient and reduced the transportation time for us to reach the selected restaurant.

In fact, when I did my survey on foodpanda, how I wish that Sabah has such service and which had mentioned on the news to broaden up foodpanda service to Sabah and Sarawak - here. Can't wait to have foodpanda delivery service here!

- Menu from selected restaurant - 

There will be a list of menu with price listed and just like any online shopping, place our order and check out. There will be two options on the DELIVERY TYPE - Deliver (with charges) and Pick Up (Free Charges). As for the PAYMENT, prepare our cash and pay them when they arrived at your doorstep (Cash on Delivery)/ at their restaurant (for pick up).

And NOW, back to the GIVEAWAY!!! 

Yes, I said FREE VOUCHERS! I have 5 (FIVE) vouchers worth RM10.00 each to be won by five Malaysian readers!!!


1. Must be a MALAYSIAN citizen and NEW USER (not registered user) to

2. Leave a COMMENT with "I WANNA WIN VOUCHER OF RM10.00 FROM FOODPANDA!" and whatever you like!

4. State down your NAME, BLOG URL and EMAIL ADDRESS.

5. EXTRA CREDIT (Optional) -
Facebook : Meitzeu's Blog   Instagram : @meitzeu   Twitter : @meitzeu  Youtube : Meitzeu's Channel

**Note that all spammers will be disqualified.**

The winners will be drawn on FRIDAY, 8TH AUGUST, 2014!


Till then! 

Note : Validity of vouchers - One year


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Late Night Story at October Coffee House, The Peak Vista @ Kota Kinabalu #CoffeeArt

It is not an extraordinary name when they mentioned "October Coffee House".

Finally we have the chance to sit in and had a drink weeks ago, definitely one of the best place to hang out during week days and even weekends. 

Well, just remember to visit them during non peak hours, I was there during peak and you can't imagine that I only could have a cup of coffee during my third visit to October.

- Cappuccino -

Here are some of the photos that I took during my visit with bae during one Friday night. :)

I don't want to talk many on their coffee, it is because THEY ARE GOOD and bae love it too! :)


- Coffee Machine and Coffee Making Station -

- Our Coffee -

- Hint on Vintage -

- At one Corner - 

Not only they are serving good coffee, they have cakes and homemade Korean bread and other finger food too!

Check them out when you have time!

Facebook :
October Coffee House

Location : 
The Peak Vista, Lorong Puncak 1, Tanjung Lipat, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Incredible Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet by Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu!

It had been years that I heard about the good reviews on the buka puasa buffet by Le Meridien K.K. (LMKK), the varieties that we can select from all the dishes presented! Definitely made us wonder and what I could say is


 Here are some of the snaps shots of what we could expect from LMKK for the marvelous "sungkai" buffet!

 - Malay delicacies -

There's friends who are interested to try the buffet by LMKK, and the Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet will be held from 29 June, 2014 to 27 July, 2014 at 6.00 pm - 10.30 pm. Good to make a reservation earlier and there's Early bird vouchers at RM109.00 nett too! Just contact them for more information and bookings!

- Dim Sum Corner -

- Fried Corner -

The fried corner is one of the recommended one for those who love to eat fried food, FRIED CRABS anyone?

Beside these, there's Indian Corner too, which is a NEW corner by LMKK!

- The best of TAMPATAN CORNER -

The native delicacies! Hinava, Tuhau are those must try! I love hinava, where slices of fish being marinated and LMKK did a great job with the hinava, all of us love it so much!

- Japanese Corner -

Udon soup.

- Ramadhan Buffet -

This is only one part of the dishes presented, from the reception and walking towards our seats, were food and food and nothing but FOOD!

- Mongolian Station -

I love the Mongolian Lamb, tender meat and it taste really good!

- Laksa Corner -

Add whatever we like into our laksa!

- Grilled Corner -

So many choices and my plate were covered with meat that night. *sweat*

Grilled lamb and beef will be one of the recommended ones!

- One part of the Varieties -

From the previous experience during my normal day buffet, the place was tables and chairs for guests, you can imagine how much effort that LMKK have put in during Ramadhan month. The largest Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet.

- Satay Lombok -

I love their SATAY! Extraordinary large piece and with the peanut sauce, satay lombok taste delicious!

- Seafood corner -

The best part of buffet.

- Of What I Had -

- Desserts -

Nothing being perfect to end with good desserts. :)

Told you that it was hard to decide where to start with!

Location :
Circle Restaurant, Le Meridien K.K.

Facebook :
Le Meridien K.K.

Contact No. :
088-322 398