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Thursday, July 30, 2015

We Snap & Indulge! Bloggers & Instagramers Meet Up @ Pick n Pay! KKCity

嘻嘻 :D 如果你有跟随着我的 Instagram (@meitzeu), 你可知道上星期六我参加了部落客与Instagram 用户者在本地的一所著名食品杂货商店聚会。感谢举办单位的邀请。

Hey! If you noticed my Instagram and Facebook Page (Meitzeu's Blog) last Saturday, we have been invited for a Bloggers and Instagramers Meet Up hosted by Pick n Pay, Bundusan Pavilion. It was fun seeing all of the familiar faces and new friends. :) And thanks to Pick N Pay for hosting us. :)

- 大合照 Group Photo -

我们与Mr. John, Pick N Pay 的幕后人.

 All of Us with the Man Behind Pick N Pay.

- 新鲜水果汁/酸奶 Fresh Fruit Juice and Yogurt Drinks -

Pick N Pay 可真会考虑我们客人的喜好, 很多人喜爱的壽司(日本餐), 面包类, 意粉类等等, 都有在售卖。他们一瓶一瓶的果汁里头味道好浓郁, 喝了感觉有点饱。

Pick N Pay do consider about the convenience of us as consumer, express food like pasta, breads, coffees and the old time favourite - Sushi! Bento! (The Japanese food). We can just walk in any Pick N Pay outlet in town and fill up our tummy with food and fresh fruit juices.

- 新鲜水果 Fresh Fruits -

- 意粉类 Pasta -
八个钟的熬制而成的鸡精味,导致他们家的意粉类的味道有水准。 可以值得一试。

With years of experience, the hired chef prepared the chicken stock with eight (8) hours of boiling. The Cabonara Chicken Spaghetti was good. They are serving three types of pasta, Beef Bolognaise, Salmon Spaghetti and non the less white sauce (Cabonara) Chicken Spaghetti.

- 绿茶蛋糕 Green Tea Cake -

- 绿茶蛋糕 Green Tea Cake -

- 三文鱼 Salmon Fish -

吃三文鱼,我很专业。 但把整条鱼切片我还是第一次亲眼看到。 每个星期六在路阳及 Bundusan Pavilion 的 Pick N Pay 会有切三文鱼表演。 去吧去吧!

On every Saturday, there will be a Salmon cutting session at Pick N Pay Groceries Store, Luyang and Bundusan Pavilion Branch. Do check it out and experience how Salmon being sliced.

- 部落客与 Instagram 用户者 Part of the Bloggers and Instagramers -

- 新鲜三文鱼 Fresh Salmon -

他们家的三文鱼是进口的, 来至 Norway.

Their Salmon was imported from Norway.

- 大合照 Group Photo - 

(上) 左至右 Top Left to Right :
Beverly (Take Another Step), Devyne (Insta), Valerie (Insta), Clara, Joanne (Sabaheats), That's Me, Charlotte, Margaret (Voice Within Me), Mr. John (Owner of Pick N Pay),

(下) 左至右 Bottom Left to Right :
Frankie (Foodiot KK), Ken (Insta), Sam (Insta) and Alex (SabahiWalker)

不错的小小聚会, 下次再见吧。 :)

An interesting experience with bloggers and instagramers, certainly learn some photography skills with them! Till then!

面子书 / Facebook : Pick N Pay Malaysia 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

《爱食客3》开播咯!!:) Let's Watch Foodie Blogger 3! Every Sunday, 3.30pm

新一季《爱食客》节目开播了! 上星期谁有在看呢??我看到了著名夫妻档部落客KampungBoyCityGal 介绍的马来餐很好吃哦!

The first episode of Foodie Blogger was on air last Sunday, 3.30pm, anyone watched it? The well known couple blogger KampungBoyCityGal introduced delicious Malay cuisine for this Raya celebration.

- 《爱食客》 Foodie Blogger -

来来~ 看看- 《爱食客》 的预告片!

Here's a short clip of Foodie Blogger. Do expect all the good meals around Malaysia!

今天是星期天, 别忘了看看节目吧!每个星期日, 7月19号起, 下午3点30分开始!NTV7!

那些错过了节目的朋友们, 别失望! 我们可以到以下网站观看重播, 外地的朋友们应该也可以!

It's Sunday today, don't forget to watch it!

Every Sunday, from 19 July, 2015, 3.30pm on NTV7!

For those who can't make it, the show can be seen at the following website. Don't worry of not getting to known the best to eat in Malaysia. :D

- Tonton -
只需要(1)注册 (2) Login 然后可以寻找《爱食客》节目啦! 很简单!

It's easy as ABC, simply register on the website and we can start searching the show and watch them online.

(1) Register (2) Login

- 《爱食客》 Foodie Blogger -

上星期的 《爱食客》 节目。 哈罗张顺源!

The first episode last week. Hello Ernest!

好了, 请收看NTV7 吧! 也许你们想问我, 我的那一集是何时上映。 其实, 我也不晓得是哪一个星期日播出!我会在我的面子书更新消息, 请按个“”吧!

For those who would like to know the episode which I will be in, I would love to say I am not sure about it as well! But any how, the trailer of the episode will be shown and I will update all of you!

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Instagram : @meitzeu
Facebook : Meitzeu's Blog

Thursday, July 23, 2015

国记茶室之槟城亚三拉沙! Penang Assam Laksa by Kedai Kopi Koki, Bundusan Pavilion @ KK City

Bundusan Pavilion 应该算是美食街吧? 在这区我们可以品尝到各式各样的美食。 日本餐, 快餐, 著名小吃等等。

听阿力士说在这里有一间食物价格合理还有给客人的分量也ok的茶店, 我当然也要去吃吃看。 

Recently, it's been a while that I have noticed Bundusan Pavilion's area do offers variety of food to eat, from Japanese food, Wine cellar, cafes and local famous eateries.

Alex has been telling me about this restaurant which offers foods at reasonable price and providing satisfied portion as well. That's made me went for a try and I have been there twice last month.

- 干捞粉面 Kon Lou Noodle -

这是一间有提供猪肉的茶店。 阿力士叫了这碗, 还有猪油炸呢!

Kedai Kopi Koki is a restaurant serving non halal food. Alex had Kon Lou Noodles (Sang Nyuk Mian), definitely different flavour as compared to the few famous Sang Nyuk Mian Restaurant.

- 槟城亚三拉沙 Penang Assam Laksa -

什么让我对这间茶店感到兴趣? 必定是他们家的槟城亚三拉沙! 我没吃过正宗的槟城亚三拉沙,所以一定要来试试。

I have heard about the Penang Assam Laksa that Koki Coffee Shop offers. I never tried an authentic one, therefore it is a must to try just like I told my friends. :D

- 槟城亚三拉沙 Penang Assam Laksa -

 罗杂的浆料,好像槟城的浆味。 那玩面条的确是真确的! 味道真的有鱼香味。 

The brown colour sauce is rojak sauce which taste the same like the one from Penang. The bowl of noodles is the correct noodles for Assam Laksa! The flavour was taste like Sardin and spices! It is Penang Assam Laksa!

- 猪肠粉 Zhu Chang Fen 图片取于 Charlotte Credit to Charlotte -

好久没吃那么好吃的猪肠粉了! 这是第一句话当我吃了第一口!

我觉得在Bundusan Pavilion这区, 国记茶室值得一试, 想吃饱的可以去!想吃不一样的可以建议吃他们的槟城亚三拉沙。不是最棒,可是满足那个饿的肚子。 

The first phrase I have said was "IT IS SO GOOD!". Its' been so long since the last I had Zhu Chang Fen. Wow! This plate do make some credit for sure!

Overall, the shop was quite satisfied. Portion okay, reasonable price and service okay. I will visit them once in a while for breakfast. :)

位于 Location :
Pick N Pay 或 KFC 对面那排店。
The front row opposite Pick N Pay Groceries Store and KFC.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

沙巴生肉面! 新苏兰生肉面 Sabah Must Eat! Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian @KKCity

大家都知道,来沙巴就是要来吃我们著名的生肉面! 毕竟当生肉面已经变成沙巴必吃之一时, 数量的本地茶店也有卖着它啦! 

我本人不是一个超爱吃生肉面的人, 但差不多每一个月都有吃一两次当早餐。

They always say that Sang Nyuk Mian is a must eat when we visit Sabah. There are also a few coffee shops that are selling the same menus and of course, each have their difference taste as well. :) Which one is the most recommended one they asked, it just depends on personal preference. :)

In fact, I had Sang Nyuk Mian almost once or twice in a month although I'm not a Sang Nyuk Mian lover. It's the fastest preparation of meal for breakfast and I always go for that two Sang Nyuk Mian restaurant.

- 生肉面 Sang Nyuk Mian -

在沙巴, 生肉面的料方面是以猪肉为主。 另外猪肠,猪肝, 猪腰,猪肠和猪肉丸样样都有, 就照着客人要求而已。

Have you ever wonder what's this "Sang Nyuk Mian"? It's a hakka dialect of pork slices ("Sang Nyuk") Noodle ("Mian"). In Sabah, many of us know what's Sang Nyuk Mian, regardless of what races are we. The ingredients can be ordered according to our preference, we can choose pork slices, pork intestines and others.

- 新苏兰生肉面 Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian -

装修后的新苏兰生肉面有了新的面孔了, 现在可以容纳更多客人。你知道吗? 美食界出名的 Martin Yan 颁了沙巴华人美食奖给这家老板呢!

The newly renovated Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian Restaurant.  You know what? Even the famous Chef, Martin Yan did gave award to them for Best Chinese Food in the World, if I'm not mistaken.

- 新苏兰生肉面 Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian -

还记得那天我接受了 NTV7 邀请担任 《爱食客》 的本地主持人时, 带着工作人员来到新苏兰生肉面, 利达分行享有沙巴必吃美食。老板那天也亲自下厨准备美食好让我们尝尝他们家的炭烧生肉面。听说炭烧的食物是比较入味的, 哈哈。 我只懂得找吃而已啦。

Few months ago, I was invited by NTV7 to be the co-host for Sabah Episode, I have brought them to Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian, Lintas branch for food hunting. :) The specialty of the restaurant was using charcoal to prepare their dishes. Perhaps the broth is also their secret as well, I believe of aging while running a restaurant business.

- 爱食客 《三》 主持人与我 Co-Host of Foodie Blogger 3 Sabah Episode -

 好了!三间爱食客里要介绍的终于介绍完了。 请大家多多支持本地创作, 《爱食客》 会在这 十九号起,每逢星期日,下午三点三十分开始播出 (NTV 7), 沙巴篇拭目以待!

Just for remembrance with the host. :) Do watch the Foodie Blogger show which will start on 19th July, 2015, every Sunday at 3.30pm, NTV 7! Sabah Episode will be show sometime around September, if no any changes in their schedule! Don't say you missed it!

想知道最新消息的朋友们, 请到 面子书 来按赞一个!

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位于 Location :
Lintas Plaza, Damai, Metro Town and Bundusan Pavilion of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guide to Fu Jian (福建), China (中国) - 11 Days & 10 Nights 十一天, 十夜福建之旅 (V.1)

Guide to Fu Jian (福建), China (中国)

我们从沙巴飞往第一站的广州过了一夜,第二天到了白云国际机场 (Baiyun International Airport) 再飞往福州开始我们的旅程! 我们的行程总共是十一天, 十夜玩透广州以及福建!

在此我要分享在福建所见所闻还有吃吧! 哈哈! 我们这次的旅程总算看到了福建省的美,以下是我们到此一游的地方 - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福州 (Fu Zhou), 厦门 (Xia Men), 永定 (Yong Ding) and 东山 (Dong Shan).

We had our transit from Guang Zhou to Fu Zhou during our trip. The province and sub provinces that we have visited during our 11 days and 10 nights were 广州 (Guang Zhou) and 福建 (Fu Jian). 

In this entry, it is all about the summary on Fu Jian Province, the sub provinces that we have visited are 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福州 (Fu Zhou), 厦门 (Xia Men), 永定 (Yong Ding) and 东山 (Dong Shan).

1. 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain)
在武夷山的经验是很特别的, 风景超漂亮的! 我们还观赏了张艺谋导演的作品 - 印象大红袍山水实景演出,365度的方向观看舞剧,整个舞剧令人难忘! 如果还有机会 我还有到武夷山,记得冷天去还蛮爽快的!

The experience at Mt. WuYi was one of the remarkable one, I love the scenery and the cold breezy air there. We went to watch Producer, Zhang Yi Mou's work of art for Mt. Wu Yi - 大红袍 Da Hong Pao, it was amazing with 365 degree surrounding musical drama!

  * Sightseeing at night - Lifestyle
  * Five Star Hotel - 武夷山悦华酒店 Yeo Hwa Resort  
  * 云窝 天游 桃园洞景区 The Cloud's Lair, Heavenly Tour and Peach Blossom Paradise Scenic Area

  * 印象大红袍山水实景演出 Stage Performance of DaHongPao
  * 大红袍茶园, 一线天, 风洞与虎啸岩 Tea Garden, Tread of Sky, Wind Cave and Tiger Roar Cliff

2. 福州 (Fu Zhou)
他们说来到福建省,一定要到福州市。 它是福建生最大的城市, 也是福建省首都。

If we have the chance to visit Fu Jian, it is a must to visit the capital and largest city of FuJian - Fu Zhou!
  * 滨江公园/滨江大道 与 鼓山涌泉寺 The Garden of Min River and Yong Quan Temple

  * 林则徐纪念堂 & 三坊七巷 Lin ZeXu and Cultural Street ShanFangQiXiang


3. 厦门 (Xia Men) 
厦门是最近台湾的城市, 只有边界那么近, 所以厦门的风格与台湾有相像的。 那天到了它们的步行街逛逛, 还以为我在台湾呢!

XiaMen is a city where it is located at the border to Taiwan. The lifestyle and culture of Xia Men is similar to Taiwan, I even thought I was visiting Taiwan when I visited their Pedestrian Street!
  * 子弹头火车 与 中山路步行街 Bullet Train and ZhongShan Pedestrian Street

  * 鼓浪屿 Pedestrian area of GuLangYu

4. 永定 (Yong Ding)  
也许客家人是来自永定区吧?永定客家土楼是世界上独一无二,圆圆的楼层或是长方形的。 在土楼里居住的家人让土楼更坚固,土楼的寿命会很长当居住的人很多。 因为永定是属于一个区, 离市区是很远的, 我们饮食方面是有点不习惯。

Yongding is a district under the jurisdiction of Longyan prefecture-level city in the southwest of Fujian Province. It is the home of many Hakka-speaking families.

Because of its location and not many tourists will choose Yong Ding as their visiting preference. The dinner we had surprised us as in a no no way and the weather was cold and we even can feel the temperature drop when we were in the hotel, I covered myself with layers!

   * 土楼 Tu Lou/ House of Clay
5. 东山 (Dong Shan)

Dongshan District was a former district in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China located to the west of Tianhe District and the east of Yuexiu District. It was the political and cultural centre of Guangdong Province and noted for its high quality education.

更都详情 - 维基百科
 For more information on FuJian - Wikipedia

Sunday, July 5, 2015

广州,中国 Guang Zhou, China : 那晚我们游了珠江! Lovely Night with Pearl River Cruise!

中国 第十一章 China Part 11 - 广州 Guang Zhou
趁着我们还有一晚可以搭上邮轮, 我们也去欣赏了广州的夜景。 说真的,夜间的风景的确是另一类风情。 来广州可以到处看看漂亮夜景,我们也不例外,买了船票乘着珠江游看看两岸的特别。

While we have the chance in Guang Zhou, we went for their Pear River Cruise. Fascinating night view and those neon lights were like dancing all the way at some of the buildings.

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

这是我们正游着珠江所看到的其中一艘船, 珠江游不但可以欣赏广州两岸,也可以看见布置的好美好美的船。 每艘船都有它的名字与概念, 价格方面也有它的不一样, 越贵的船票招待是以贵宾式。 在船上烛光晚餐的也有!

From where we stood, we can enjoy the lights and other decorated cruises. Beautiful and those are with themes, we can even have our candle lights dinner there.

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

这是我们那晚所采用的船游珠江。好吧! 接下来的让我们欣赏所拍到的夜景。

This is the cruise we went with. And now, do enjoy with the the photos that I took!

- 船票 Tickets -

- 高楼 Buildings -

- 夜景与我 Guang Zhou Scenic -

- 夜景与我 Guang Zhou Scenic -

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

- 广州塔 Canton Tower -

广州塔也叫广州电视观光塔, 它还被列为世界最高电视塔。

The well known Canton Tower, which formerly known as Guang Zhou TV Tower. It is also the tallest TV Tower in the world! Shiny neon lights and it was dancing lights. :D

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

这是广州, 左边是有名的广州体育馆。

The well known Guang Zhou stadium.

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

- 珠江游 Pearl River Cruise -

广州夜景不错吧? :)

I love the last photo! Doesn't it look great on the bridge view of Guang Zhou? :)

Finally, it is the last entry of China 2013! I shall see you again China 2014!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

港式茶餐厅之尖沙嘴冰室 (亚庇) The One Hong Kong Cafe @ Karamunsing Capital, #KKCity

收到了SabahEats 的邀请, 我们也再一次见面啦!这次与沙巴爱玩客, 番茄树还有Chloe一同到了近来新开张的港式茶餐厅试吃。

尖沙嘴冰室 The One Hong Kong Cafe

Located nearest to down town of Kota Kinabalu, we manage to visit The One for an interesting foodies session, together with a few others well known bloggers and local Facebook Page's admin.

The One Hong Kong Cafe is formerly a pub and bistro as spoken with Johny, the owner. So, don't be surprise to see people drinking beer at all times.

- 香港版 出前一丁 Hong Kong version Chut Qin Yati Deng  -

听说出前一丁是世界著名泡面之一, 面的嚼劲不会很软而有点像弹弓面。 我蛮喜欢尖沙嘴冰室所准备的出前一丁泡面,与其他餐厅又不一样。 平时我见的是太阳蛋与大片的午餐肉,这次他们准备了炒蛋与一口煎午餐肉给我们。汤底, 我相信如果采用原有的粉料, 必定一级棒!煎午餐肉, 如果煎的干一点,还有金黄色,也一定可以带出香港的味道。

"Chut Qin Yat Deng" Instant Noodle is a well known Hong Kong brand of Instant Noodle. The One Hong Kong Cafe uses the original Hong Kong produced "Chut Qin Yat Deng" to serve their customer. The noodle texture wasn't soft and just nice with a bit springy bites.

- 卤水花腩 Lo Shui Pork -

大力推荐的菜肴之一!卤水类是尖沙嘴冰室的主角也是本地很多餐厅都找不到的。经过了老板与香港厨师的三个月的配制, 卤水也渐渐散发了香味,让卤肉类煮更香。 记得, 卤水熬得越久,卤肉越香, 所以呢~ 好像台湾和香港, 老字号出名都是因为陈年老“汁”。我们可以放心,老板保证食物的配料与制作过程的都保持干净与汤汁的新鲜。

The recommended one! Lo Shui dishes would be a type of dish whereby the soup with added spices were cook for days or months, or even years by famous restaurant. The soup was prepared by Hong Kong chef hired by The One Hong Kong Cafe, it must be well kept, aged and basically keeping it freshness so that the braised meat with it are covered with the smell of the sauce when we eat it. The longer it is, the better it will be! Imagine keeping it for 40 years, "old" soup always WIN!

- 双皮奶 Egg White Milk -


I love the soft texture and it won't smell awkward either.

- 港式西多士 Hong Kong Style French Toast -

我喜欢这样的下午茶! 西多士与一杯奶茶! 趁热吃吧!

I love to have afternoon tea. French toast with hot milk tea would be wonderful for light meal.

- 冰镇奶茶 Champagne Milk Tea -

哈哈哈! 这有香港feel 了吧?! 他们的奶茶是随着老板与香港厨师的配制而成,数量茶叶的味道。

Champagne Milk Tea brought to us from Hong Kong. A mixture of few types of tea leaves which discussed between Johny and HK chef to make their special milk tea.

- 桂圆雪耳露 Stewed White Fungi with Arillus Longan -


For ladies who are self cautions, this would be good and more over, cooling down the body heat.

- 咖哩牛腩 Hong Kong Style Beef Brisket -

尖沙嘴冰室的牛腩真的值得一试! 牛腩及牛筋焖了一段时间, 很够火候。烹饪过程中的蔬菜和特别酱料全是新鲜煮的, 不是微波炉叮的。他们的牛腩我可以接受,不会很干,不会很硬。 牛筋真的很好吃!他们的咖喱也不辣!

Recommended one! The meat not over cooked, not dry and I like it. :) Time is the priority to cook beef brisket and tendon, it takes more than 4 hours to cook them! The One Hong Kong Cafe prepared freshly with the additional curry sauce and vegetables, don't worry, the food was not pre-cook and they are not using microwave to heat them. Their curry is not spicy at all, just creamy and make is want more with the sauce.

- 辣爆鸡翼 Super Spicy Chicken Wing -

我们都喜欢这辣爆鸡翼 Super Spicy Chicken Wing! 一流! 超辣!

No need to say much, all of us love this and it is super spicy!

- 焗猪扒意粉(白酱) Pork Chop with Baked Spaghetti (Mushroom Sauce) -

我比较喜欢红酱的味道, 猪扒煮的不错。

I love tomato sauce when it comes to baked spaghetti. Slight improvement needed to make the mushroom sauce outstanding. The pork chop was good though.

- 牛肉面 Beef Brisket Noodle -

就好像之前所说的, 牛腩好吃!

Just like mentioned before, beef briskets taste wonderful.

- 饺子 Dumplings -

肉碎,冬菇还有一些配料。馅料的味道还OK. 趁热吃吧!

Dumplings need to be eaten while it is still hot! The meat was well marinated, just the way it should be.

- 饺子 Dumplings -

- 卤水猪肉捞面 Kon-Lo Noodle with Braised Pork -

黄面不是我的最佳选择, 其实味道还OK。 三层卤肉与卤蛋是重点!

I dislike yellow noodle. In fact, the overall taste was OK. Three layer Lo Shui Pork and Egg is the main point!

- 尖沙嘴冰室 The One Hong Kong Cafe -

这就是尖沙嘴冰室 The One Hong Kong Cafe啦!有些人说完全不像香港的味道, 那当然咯~ 如果没加入本地味道,本地人怎么习惯呀?还有, 意粉类也不是香港原创吧。 香港美食大多数方便及搞创意食品。

This is the Hong Kong Cafe we are talking about! Don't expect 100% Hong Kong style, it's only a concept inspired from Hong Kong. Fusion food!

Facebook : The One Hong Kong Cafe 尖沙嘴冰室 

Operating Hour : 9AM - 10PM
Contact No. : 014-6759987
Corner Lot. Formerly The One Pub & Bistro
Karamunsing Capital,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.