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Sunday, May 17, 2015

That Classic Buns by 瓊萬興茶室 Keng Wan Hing Coffee Shop @ Gaya Street, #KKCity

It was easy to find classic buns now a day, especially when we drop by in downtown city centre.

What I love about this Kopitiam (Coffee Shop)? The Polo Bun with Pineapple filling sure wins my heart! Crunchy butter on the outside, soft bread and pineapple jam in the inside.

Not only that Polo Bun, which I think it was only found at Keng Wan Hing in KK, they also have all the classic buns steam and baked ones.

- 瓊萬興茶室 Keng Wan Hing Coffee Shop -

On the recent visit to this old coffee shop, I have noticed that they have upgraded bits of they interior. They have added the designed frame with cute cartooned owners and the workers. Look the same!

- The classic buns -

With the filling of shaved coconuts, pineapples, butter for bread. Pork meat, Red Beans Paste and 梅菜 (Mei Cai) for the steamed ones. There's other snack too, egg tarts and "Wife" Cookies. In short, many love their buns and people just come and go, sit in to dine too! Even Ang Mo was attracted to this local delights. :)

- Polo Buns -

Have the chance to see how they make their Polo Buns.

- The Break Time -

In KK, we have so many tea session. Just to let you know, they do serve delicious sweet soup too. Read beans, Sweet Potatoes Soup. Tried them for the first time and it melted when we drink them. For a non beans lover like me, the red beans soup surprised me a lot.

- Polo Bun in action -

- As the Co-Host of Foodie Blogger 3 爱食客 《三》 Sabah episode by NTV7 -

Just for remembrance. :) Together with the host for Foodie Blogger for Sabah episode which should be on screen in September 2015.

Keng Wan Hing, operated by the Hainanese, started since 1984, that's what I love about classic. I love the people and I love this old school Gaya Street. Hints of classic in the city.

Location :
80, Jalan Gaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

:) I'm on NTV7 Show! "爱食客 《三》Foodie Blogger 3" #Sabah Episode with Ernest 张顺源

It was an honour that has been invited to be one of the co-host for Foodie Blogger 3 爱食客 《三》 Sabah episode by NTV7. :)

It has been exciting and keep bearing in mind that "JUST DO IT!" But, it seems like I'm nervous in a way that I wonder what did I talk during the shooting. (haha :D) 

Without bragging more, lets start with the first location!

From KK to Tamparuli town, it takes roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and HELLO to the famous extension bridge of Tamparuli!


- The "first" meet -

The landmark of Tamparuli town  - Tamparuli extension bridge "Jambatan Tamparuli"

*The original one was destroyed in Year 1999 by the flood, it was replaced by stronger bridge which we are standing today.

The means of people walking by foot back and forth, in and out of Tamparuli. Tamparuli was packed on every Wednesday, whereby the "Tamu" (local weekly market) was held on that day on weekly basis.

The lower bridge was for the use of vehicles and when the bridge covered by over flowed river water/ flood, there's another bridge which is higher at the other end of Tamparuli will be used.

In fact, Tamparuli is a mandatory town to pass by before heading to a few destinations, especially Kundasang. :)

- Wun Chiap Restaurant 云集酒楼 -

The first restaurant to start with. With Ernest 张顺源, the host of Foodie Blogger. Looks cute doesn't he?

- Scenes -

A short scene and dialogue to make the show interesting!

- Dishes by Wun Chiap Restaurant -

Some may say it's just an ordinary fried noodles, but you never know what's behind the story of this homemade egg noodles. 

- Let's Eat -
So back in KK! And that's the Second place to introduce!

- The boss in action - 

老板很开心哦! Mr. Ng certainly happy for showing his skill!

- Sang Nyuk Mian -

They say that if we never had this, it means that we never visited Sabah before -

Sang Nyuk Mian 生肉面

I have introduced Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian, which I normally go. The pork meat slices just melted somehow. 

The third place to introduce will be in the middle of KK city. :) I love KK city!

- At the fountain of KK -

Guess where?! The weather was hot that day but the outcome was good. :)

- Their Breakfast -

That's Ah Leong and Berry! Extremely friendly in person!

- The process -

We have the chance to capture bits of the process to make the famous buns! Smell of goodness after those were baked!

- The host and the crew behind the scene -

I do admire the team work and down to earth personality. Responsible and serious while having fun as well. :)

I have learned something from the shooting period. "The beauty of food."

- Introducing and Tasting -

It's time for "Hainese buns! Peh Leh, Kopi O Ji Jiang!" (Uncle, one cup of black coffee please!)

- The third generation of Keng Wan Heng Restaurant 琼万兴茶店 -

Alex and Suki, both are siblings. One of the friendliest people in Gaya Street and very happy with what they are doing. Serving classic fresh buns every day! Appreciate the passion to keep the classics bun for us to enjoy the authentic KK since 1980's.

- With host and the crew behind the scene -

From left to right, Victor (Assistant Producer), Jayson (camera man), Berry (Assistant Producer), me (co-host), Ernest (the host) and Ah Leong (Producer/Director).

Thank you for giving meitzeu.con this special opportunity to be the co-host of Sabah episode. Thank you for being patience towards me during the shooting. :)

That's all for today! Stay tuned this September for Sabah episode! Gosh! I'm actually appearing on national TV screen! I wonder what did I say and how I look from the screen.

And just to say, remember to watch the whole Third season of Foodie Blogger, hunting the goodness of Malaysia!

Here's a bit of what we did!

Hehe  a short clip on "Foodies Blogger 爱食客"!
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Friday, May 1, 2015

广州, 中国 Guang Zhou, China : Such a Calm Spot. :) 荔枝弯 (Li Tzi River)

China Part 9 - Guang Zhou (广州)

Perfect evening for a short walk with a bit of historical story behind. :)

Finally, we arrive in Guang Zhou! So many things to see and buy there!

- 荔枝弯 -

From Li Tzi Bay, we could see the elderly were having their rest and some of them even group together for a nice dance and light exercises. Quite a unique city to visit. 

Guang Zhou, how should I say? A modernised city yet with hints of old lifestyle. 

The river is beautiful from my eye. :) I love it.

Here are the scenes that interest me the most. :) The bits of the river.

- The Culture on Yearly Basis -

- The Stage Performance -

- The street -

Streets and buildings, always caught my eye. :)

- Movie Scene -

The buildings that movies were filmed.

- The Local -

Hehe :) My aunts blended in by playing their games too.

- "Teng Zai" Porridge 艇子粥 -

I miss the original "Teng Zai" Porridge from Hong Kong!!! Took this boat when I walk by. Something interesting to see.

- Sweets and Snacks -

Some sweets during our trip and some for souvenirs.

- The bridge at Li Tzi Bay -

- Dim Sum time -

They called it as the best Dim Sum in Guang Zhou. I might say it wasn't what I expected. Not very favourable by us in fact. Hong Kong Dim Sum still the BEST!

- Dim Sum -

Know what I mean?

 Happy long weekend everybody!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant @ Hilltop, @KKCity 发记鱼杂专卖店

There's only a few recommended fish stall in K.K. and one of it will be Fatt Kee 发记.

- Tomato Soup Base -

And tomato soup base would be the other flavour that I like besides Tom Yum. :) Sweet and sour flavoured.

- Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant 发记鱼杂专卖店-

- Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant 发记鱼杂专卖店-

Always packed and there were a lot of well known people/ artists went there for breakfast too!

- Fried Fish Slices -

Crunchy from the outside and hot inside! Combined with the sweet and sour Thai Sauce, Yums! It's a side dishes while having that huge bowl of fish noodles!

Location :
Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Body Reshape with ISKIN Aesthetics Centre, @KKCity

It was my first visit to ISKIN Aesthetics Centre and I felt my workout tummy!

With experience of more than 10 years, I believe ISKIN is a wise choice to let them take care of our skin.

-  ISKIN New York Aesthetics Centre -

Located in the heart of KK City, ISKIN is easily spotted by us along Api-Api Centre!

A wise beauty centre providing series of treatments from hair, facial to body shaping, allowing all of us to achieve an ideal body shape and firm/ youthful skin. Who doesn't want to be presentable?

- Main Entrance of ISKIN New York Aesthetics Centre -

Politely greeted by the person in charge from ISKIN and begin our  
Foto RF Body Reshape Treatment.

The benefit of having the said body reshape treatment includes reducing the stubborn cellulite, tighten our skin to make it firm, improve body contour, so that we can look curvy, increase our blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Before the treatment, a short body analysis will be done and we will be advised what should be our ideal weight.

And during the treatment, I could feel the warm sensation and felt the vacuum that Irene (our consultant) was using on my belly (we can choose any part of our body as well. ie. sagging buttock, flabby arms and even that muscular thigh). Did I mention that we can have Foto Body Reshape Treatment on our face too? To achieve small palm face!

After the treatment, I could feel the numbs around my belly, is like working out for hours which the whole treatment was only about 30 - 45 minutes! A short cut to get flat tummy!! And of course, a few treatment to get the perfect body shape we wanted!

-  Interior of ISKIN New York Aesthetics Centre and Team -

Other than body shaping, they have waxing, hair treatment and facial treatment as well. All of us are worth to be pretty and sexy!

Just to let you know, their price are quite reasonable for us. And being a member of ISKIN will enjoy more privilege too!

- #hear #sight #touch #taste #scent -

With a comfortable resting area. At ISKIN, they have Designer Guild's cushions all the way from London to make sure all of us are relax and comfortable at all time while listening calm soothing music and hint of the scent of freshly cut flowers by Jo Malone London's diffuser in the corner. How about with a glass of their signature red dates tea served as a warm welcome for #iskinbabes?

-  ISKIN New York Aesthetics Centre -

Had a pleasant afternoon with ISKIN during the weekend.

You know what? Everyone is entitled to a special discount price of RM99.00 for 1 session of Foto RF Body Reshape Treatment (Regular Price: RM800) with exclusive promo code “MEITZEU”! 

Just go and have a body reshape session with ISKIN this two weeks from today!! 

Facebook : 
ISKIN Aesthetics Centre

Location :
Shoplot 2-0-6, Block 2, Api-Api Centre,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Validity of promo code : end 7th May, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

That's One Inspirolling Chimney Cake! Kurtos Spiroll, Imago Mall Times Square, @KK City

Their signature Kürtös Kalács were selling like HOT "CHIMNEY" CAKES!

Each Kurtos Kalacs are hand-made and freshly baked. The best one was eating it while it is HOT/ WARM! Authentic Hungarian pastry was something extraordinary, the first bite was bits of crunchy at the outside, soft in the inside.

- Kurtos Kalacs -

Various flavour of Kurtos Kalacs. There's sweet series and savoury series as well. 

Sweet series can be treated as light snacks, while savoury ones will with bits of meat and cheese. :)

I love both sweet and savoury!

- Being Inspiroll -

Kürtös Kalács is the oldest Hungarian pastry which stems from the Hungarian words kurto that refers to "chimney"  and kalacs meaning "cake". Kurtos Kalacs was first made in Covasna Country, Transylvania Region by Hungarian settlers and the recipe is one of the best kept secrets of Eastern Europe.

At Kurtos Spiroll (TM), every piece of Kurtos Kalacs is baked to perfection after going through hours of fermentation to achieve maximum taste and aroma.

- Kurtos Spiroll @ Imago KK Times Square -

- Kurtos Spiroll @ Imago KK Times Square -

Each bread are freshly baked at their booth. :) Who doesn't not love eating freshly baked breads?

- Inspiroller's Guide -

1. Pinch 2. Unravel 3. Break 4. Dip 5. Bite 6. Repeat!

- Kurtos Kalacs -

Approximately one meter for each Kurtos Kalacs! We can make it just like that!

- Spiroll Dog -

Special recipe on their hot dogs and overall, savoury! I love this Spiroll Dog! It's a must try!

- The Process -

We have the opportunity to see how do Kurtos Kalacs are made. Really interesting with all those processes, especially the oven that baked it without seconds!

- Varieties -

The first Kurtos Spiroll in East Malaysia is the one located in Imago Mall Times Square. And the original Kurtos Spiroll was started in Penang, where many delish could be found!

The original Kurtos Kalacs in the original Hungarian, while to blend in to the Malaysian taste buds, they creatively "invented" a few flavours to suits us. :)

- Chloe, Charlotte and Me *Credit to -

So now, where's the tea lady?

Bits of Kurtos Spiroll , Imago KK Times Square! #kkeats (
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Facebook :
Kurtos Spiroll

Location :
B-49, Lower Ground,
Imago Mall Times Square