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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mt. WuYi (武夷山), China (中国) : 那天我们成了漂客 (Water Rafting at JiuQuXi) 竹签九曲溪漂流记

China Part 4 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Keep Calm and Sit On to Bamboos.

It was cold at Mt. WuYi, especially earlier in the morning. We went for the last activity at the scenic area and I love the fact that water rafting was great! Gosh! I miss the place quite a lot and excited when I story my friends about this great destination - Mt. WuYi. :)

- Bamboo Racks as Transportation -

Each transportation only allow six person and we need to sit properly before anyone fell off in to the river. Each seats are not screwed (it's the norms). Dangerous or no? In fact, if we follow the rules then it's okay.

- Jiu Xi Water Rafting 竹签九曲溪漂流 -

The highlights on the water rafting were experience a bit of the lifestyle of people at Mt. WuYi. Our "pilot" is a women, quite young and the man behind (on that same "boat") is her husband. Water rafting is not an easy job, whereby there will be certain sickness that a woman will be facing when they continuous working.

- Scenic Area -

China, just like others said, scenery in China are beautiful and mysterious.

The rocks and cliffs could be seen while we were passing by were naturally in figures of various animals. The above rock, look like a FROG. Not necessary frogs only could be seen, we saw crocodiles, turtles etc. There's a story created with those rocks and cliffs. :)

- Water Rafting -

- Water Rafting -

One of my favourite shot. :) Our pilot even sang to us and those poetry she said were quiet meaningful and hilarious.

- Six of us -

Our pilot took our photo for us! Amazing background right?

- The Fifth -

In the middle of the whole water rafting journey.

- Bird -

Spotted that beautiful bird.

- Caves -

They said people used to climb to those caves and placed coffins for their late ancestor. Told you China is a place where mysterious things happens. 

- Fisherman Hat -

Our pilot let us wear her hat!

- Random Shot -

The correct moment and feeling to be captured.

- The Ninth -

It was the last and further will be the place we ended the whole water rafting journey. :)

- Bye -

Amazing and calm journey we went. Looking forward for similar trips in the future. 

Just to let you know, I'm going China next week and will not be updating this blog till further notice!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Annyeong Haseyo! The Bab's Korean BBQ @ Likas, Kota Kinabalu

Another round of delicious Korean Cuisine during one fine night.

While it was Bae birthday, we went to The Bab's for a nice Korean dinner in town, some where where not many people would go. 

- The Bab's -

It was our first time there, such a pretty environment at the restaurant, painted in purple and white. :) We have option to have our dinner outdoor and indoor, I'm a bit reluctant to sit out. Way to hot to dine in at Korean restaurant while we stayed in a humid environment 24/7 here.

- Appetizer/ Starter -

So many to eat while waiting for the main dishes!

- Pork Bibimbap - 

By looking at it's presentation, THEY WIN IT!


- Hot Plate Bibimbap -

In fact, I love Bibimbap and we had two pots of bibimbap in addition with a plate of fried pancake. Over eating that night for two of us, but it was delicious!!

- Bibimbap - 

Stirred Bibimbap! Both of them were scrumptious, tender meat as for the pork one. Stirred all of it together with their sauce, can't wait for another bite.

- Kimchi Pancake -

Kimchi pancake by The Bab's still acceptable, maybe it wasn't what I have expected. I tried a few Korean style pancake in town, I liked it and I'm still searching for the best one in town!

Overall, dinner at The Bab's was GOOD, however, the guy who took our order was a bit "gangsta" styled, I was totally surprised with the way he talk while taking our order. (No patient) *Boo* 

I paid two person in total of RM78.00++ that night, gosh.

Location : Likas Driving Range

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mt. WuYi (武夷山), China (中国) : 大红袍茶园, 一线天, 风洞与虎啸岩 (Tea Garden, Tread of Sky, Wind Cave and Tiger Roar Cliff)

China Part 4 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Hello :)

After our rest at the hotel, the next destination were more towards sight seeing and tea garden, non the less, we had so much walk again!

Well, I'm not going to sit in front my laptop for long, my waist/ back is hurt for days and even today. :( Hope it will recover before my trip!! Gosh!

Do enjoy all the photos here. Can you feel and see what I see?

- 大红袍 (Direct translation : Red Rob Tea) -

And we just walk till the end....

- That's the tea up there! -

The precious tea that the China categorized under world heritage.

- The Tea -

- Various name of tea -

We passes by various kind of tea at the tea garden, some of the even named after the surrounding of the tea being grown. "Can't see the sky" etc etc.

- The Crafed  Rock -

- The cultivation of Da Hong Pao -

Due to high demand and the well known tea from that area, those are Da Hong Pao tea trees which in the end will be selling at the markets.

- A Tread of Sky -

- Art -

Tell him your name and he will draw those mountains with our name!

- A Tread of Sky-

- The Cave -

- 一线天 A Tread of Sky -

It was the aftermath of earth quake by one huge mountain, the place was named Tread of Sky because when we look above, there's only one line that we can look through the sky. 

We had a walk and would like to finish it if possible, but the person in front of us was afraid of walking till the end due to the staircase and the cliff getting narrow when we walk through the end. Way too dark somehow.

- 风洞 Wind Cave -

I think the place were always breezy, that's why being named Wind Cave.

- Amazing mother nature -

That's all for today, I'm going to have some rest!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

两个人的咖啡。 No Bad Day at The B Side, Lido Plaza, #KKCity


Finally got the time to blog a bit.

So, we had another round at this little cafe in town during the night. I just love the simple design and the environment. A cosy cafe located not far from the city centre and more over serving the "IN" drink now a days - The COFFEE.

Let see what we had during these two weekends at the cafe.

Just Coffee, me and him.

- We had Cappuccino -

The biscotti and cookies served with the coffee was nice. :) Coffee was kind of good with biscotti and cookies aside.

- The Cakes -

Range of cakes for us to choose! Yums!

- During one rainy night -

In fact, I love to hang out with him, just two of us and chat what ever shxt. Seeing the rain drizzling outside is just a beau.

- Carrot cake and coffee -

- The Wall -

"Be In Love With Your Life. Every Minute of It."

- The Barista session -

- The Entrance -

Bae may not love the design at the first visit, but on the second (or maybe I love it =D), he likes it too. Simple design and the cosy loving environment and of course!!! The person beside!! Haha =D

- Random Shot -

By bae without noticed. #Paparazzi!! ;)

Facebook :
The B Side Cafe

Location :
Lido Plaza, Lido, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spotted Jong Fa Pai Kopitiam 中发白茶楼 @ Pavilion Bundusan, #KKCity

Out of random Saturday with my #Saturdate, we went for a simple lunch at Bundusan.

Originated from Tawau, I heard about Jong Fa Pai quite a lot since their opening and wanted to give it a try. And here are what we had!

- Pheonix Balls @ RM9.00 -

Heard that Pheonix Balls were selling like hot cakes, and we were lucky to had it on that day!

The balls were made of meat and salted eggs!

- Mix Fish Slices and Prawn Balls @ RM9.00 -

If only the bowl of soup was served hot!! I love hot soup! Overall taste was acceptable.

- The Menu -

The restaurant is a Non-Halal restaurant. 

We might seek for a bowl of noodles to fill up our tummy or else, have small eateries by Jong Fa Pai, :) I like small eateries.

Facebook : Jong Fa Pai 中发白茶楼

Contact No. : 010-931 6431

Location :
Pavilion Bundusan, Jalan Bundusan, Off Penampang.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mt. WuYi (武夷山), China (中国) : Stage Show of DaHongPao (印象大红袍山水实景演出)

China Part 3 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Our trip to FuJian was inclusive of a stage show by one of the world most recognised producer, Zhang Yi Mou 张艺谋.

In fact, what I can only say is THE SHOW WAS AMAZING with 360 degree of outdoor stage show. Blending in with the background of the real mountain of WuYi and allowing us to "teleport" ourselves to Song Dynasty 宋朝.

- The Main Entrance - 

We enjoyed the cold weather while walking from the restaurant nearby after we had our dinner.

- Souvenir Shop -

- The Entrance -

- Backdrop -

One of the backdrop at the outdoor stage.

Maybe some of you might wonder what is DaHongPao 大红袍, it was name of the precious tea, well known from Mt. WuYi. Back then and even until now, Tea plays a huge role in China people lifestyle. DaHongPao also been classified under the "The World Intangible Cultural Heritage" (中国乌龙茶申报世界“非物质文化遗产). 

Back to the show, the show brought us way back to Song Dynasty, the calm lifestyle of that friendly village and forgetting the stressful lifestyle of ours. Lovely music, amazing show with hundreds of presenter. *Clap hand*

Here are some of the photos that I have secretly took. 
(*Cough Cough* secretly)

- The Outdoor Show -

It was freezing while we were watching the show, shivered so much even though we worn gloves and thick attires. Gosh! But, it was a great experience and all of us should watch such stage show if we happen to visit China.

- The Ticket -

Their rubbish, my treasure. I still keep them. :)

And now, my wish list before my China trip again on this month!! ZR1500 by Casio!!! I want to have a good night photoshoot!!!