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Sunday, October 4, 2015

艺术的文话 The Language of Art #tanahairku by #Petronas #CrackoArtGroup #Sabah

It's been a havoc since my laptop breakdown. :( So many photos gone invisibly.  

In fact, I'm thinking of completing #tanahairku entry soonest possible during Malaysia Day but what left only a few photos in my Dropbox shared with friends and those kept inside my phone.

电脑坏了的确是气死我了! 很多照片都没了, 幸亏Dropbox分享的一些照片与电话里头的照片还在。 但真的不满足!
Weeks ago, I was invited by Petronas to the launching of #tanahairku 3.0 which Sabah, Sarawak and Johor were selected to held this unique event! Interesting yet close to our Malaysian heart. I love art, culture and heritage. 

那天收到 Petronas 的 #tanahairku 3.0 开幕邀请,也是我感兴趣的马来西亚本地彩色壁画位于亚庇的市中心。精彩哦!今年 #tanahairku 3.0 选择了沙巴、 沙捞越与柔佛举办这项活动, 以马来西亚文化标题为主。沙巴 Cracko Art Group 画家们加入了沙巴文化在他们的壁画中。

- BAH - 

A local language close to Sabahan. Ended with 'bah' almost every day conversation!

我看每个沙巴汉都很熟悉的一个字 'BAH', 天天都会说的!

- The Opening of #tanahairku 开幕典礼 -

The most 'sporting' Tourism Minister we have! Met him many times in local events. 

Do you see the wall mural created by Cracko Art Group which on the right of the above photo and which located at Wisma Sabah on Jalan Haji Saman, the building next to Suria Sabah? That is one of the art work for #tanahairku 3.0. The story of Huminodun, the colour of Sabah flag et cetera. Every element applied represent the local lifestyle and heritage. 

拿督 Masidi 是开幕典礼的重要人物, 很常都可以看到他本人在各种活动被受邀请的。

在此相片的右边可以看见其中之一的壁画, 位于Wisma Sabah, Jalan Haji Saman. 采用沙巴州旗的颜色以及传说中的Huminodun 作为题材。

- Flash Mob of #tanahairku 3.0 舞蹈与歌唱 -

With singing and dancing (traditional and new) by local artists, the event was such a happening one! Glad to be there to celebrate such a meaningful launching. The campaign held by Petronas was a subtle reminder to the younger generation about what makes Malaysia special.

现代的生活是少不了音乐与舞蹈, 庆幸的我们可以观赏了精彩的本地歌星表演以及文化表演。 这项 Petronas 的活动是为了提醒年轻一辈的孩子们对国家的疼爱以及我国的特色。

- The short Flash Mob taken via phone 短片 - 

This is what I left, all soft copies were deleted. -_- 


- The KK Bloggers -

Left to Right : Chloe, Beverly, Myself, Charlotte and Calista.

I guess most of you know us. Right? ;)

这是我们, 也只有那几个啦! 你知道她们吗?

- With Datuk Masidi  与拿督 Masidi -

A very active and friendly person. 超友善的!

- Cracko Art Group -

The artists who collaborated with Petronas for #tanahairku 3.0 campaign. According to reliable sources, there were a total of 22 streets artists have been commissioned to paint 10 selected walls in Kota Kinabalu and Johor Bahru for #tanahairku 3.0 campaign.

他们就是#tanahairku 3.0 所被选中的本地画家! 他们也是我蛮欣赏的一队!一直都是我所关注的本地画家。 Petronas 在此活动邀请了22名画家把一共10部在三个州的墙壁画上了另类的壁画提醒人民对国家的热爱。

- BAH at Wisma Intiutama -

The other wall mural can be spotted at Wisma Intiutama of Lorong Dewan. BAH! Blending in the element of local unique culture heritage, can you see and imagine? Simpoton (A native music instrument), Rafflesia, Kadazan culture and others.

另一个壁画是位于Wisma Intiutama, Lorong Dewan. 加入了沙巴文化在内的一幅画, 真心的给Cracko Art Group 一个赞!连夜把这两幅画完成的, 很多年轻人都关注那几天连夜的作品。

- With the local artists 本地歌手 -

I think it was the first time to see them personally, friendly personal!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

回顾一下九月! Bits of #Updates ;) (September 2015)


一段时间没更新部落格好像少了什么。 近期有点忙也因为忙着我们的婚礼细节与亲戚朋友从远方来的招待。是的, 我们结婚了。:)

It's has been extremely busy and exhausting in the past few weeks! 

Let the pictures speaks. :)

#Wedding #FoodHunt #Life

那段夕阳 We caught the Sunset -

- 自家烘培 Homemade Sweetness -

- 四季的爱 The Four Season of Love -

- 婚礼场地 Our Wedding Banquet -

- 本地美食 The local eateries -

时间的确过得好快哦。。。 上星期的今天, 也就是婚礼的当天, 很累, 但回想是有点浪漫(嘻嘻 :))也很依依不舍的。 

与远方亲戚寻找美食, 忙着婚礼的时光结束后也该勤力干活了哦!

我在想, 应该分享结婚细节吗? (考虑)

《爱食客3》 第十集播出了! 也在同一天, 我也趁着化妆时看看节目。 如果你还没看, 可以看重播哦!

Food hunting with my relatives from Canada and of course the wedding to be done, it has been a fruitful week last week.

By the way, Foodie Blogger Season 3 with me as co-host was on the 20th September, 2015, did you watch it? If no, do watch the repeat at!

Hmm~ I just wonder, should I post entries of the wedding?

Friday, September 18, 2015

悄悄地告诉您~ 《爱食客3》#沙巴集要播咯! It's Finally On Screen thisSeptember! #NTV7 #FoodieBlogger #Sabah #KKCity #Tamparuli

嘻嘻 :D 爱食客3 第十集 沙巴篇预告片有了哟!

The preview is finally here! Remember to watch it!

哎呀! 沙巴集的《爱食客3》即将播出了! 嗷麦GOSH! 就是这星期开始!好紧张呐~ 时间过的真快!


As promised, it's finally screening this September! 

The moment that we waiting for and excited about! Are you excited? I know I'm a bit nervous and gosh, how would I look like on screen. Time do flies, it was like yesterday when the video shooting taken part in April. :) Sabahan will recognise those shops I guess, in KK and Tamparuli in fact.

Here are some of the behind the screens, check it out!

- 瓊萬興茶室 Keng Wan Hing Coffee Shop -

美食文章 Blog post : 亚庇老街之古早包子 The Classic Buns in KKCity!

- 第一次的遇见 The First Meet -


- 云集酒楼,担波罗里 Wun Chiap Restaurant, Tamparuli -

Blog post : 沙巴老镇 - 丹波罗利之沙巴家乡味 The Classic Taste of Sabah found in Tamparuli.

- 新苏兰生肉面 Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian -

Blog post : 沙巴生肉面 Sabah Must Eat Sang Nyuk Mian!

- 《爱食客3》 的幕后伙伴! Foodie Blogger crews behind the screen -

再一次谢谢你们让我有机会与你们合作! 下次来沙巴玩,记得找我们呀!

Appreciate the opportunity given and thanks for everything! :)

- 热情的老板与老板娘, 我与美食王子张顺源 Friendly friends and Ernest Chong, the Host -

电视节目播出会在 The episode I'm in will be shown on national TV Channel on 

星期日, 下午三点三十分。 NTV7 上映!

《爱食客3》 也可以看到重播的, 海外的朋友也应该可以看哦!注册网站就可以了!

还有还有! 沙巴集会在这星期与下星期播出, 只有两集哦! 先看看沙巴吃在这星期所介绍的美食吧! 我的将在下星期播出!

If any one of you watching it, do tag me at my Facebook Page at Meitzeu's Blog or Instagram @meitzeu! If you can't make it to watch the episode at 3.30pm, do watch it from, we can watch the episode from there as well!

There's only two episode for Sabah in “Foodie Blogger 3”! Do watch Joanne from Sabaheats who introduced the best of Kota Kinabalu food on this week and mine in next week!

网上看重播 Watch repeat online - TONTON.COM.MY  

记得收看哦! Remember to watch it!

如果有不好的, 别见怪啦。。 。当天真的是我很不好意识的!

Gosh, it's quite embarrassing and you can't imagine the level of nervous I am now!

Relevant posts :
1. Overview on Foodie Blogger
2. How to use
3. 【爱食客(十)】沙巴美食不间断 特制面条弹牙又好吃!- 张顺源之感想

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top 15 亚庇吃!#沙巴 Top 15 #KKFood! #KKMustEat #Sabah (V.1)

熟悉的味道, 亚庇人最知道了。 在此, 我会介绍多样我喜爱的亚庇美食! 时常被推荐的也少说了。

Those evergreen taste that KK people knows! Non the less, I don't think I need to include those which are highly recommended online and including those which are overate as well. In this entry, I will recommend those that us, locals normally go instead. 

喝茶咯! ITS' "KOPI" TIME!
沙巴人最爱喝茶的, 每天都在说喝茶、 喝茶!喝茶也有分层次 (Standard/ Level), 高层次就去咖啡馆咯~   在平常茶店享受古早味道的包子也很棒呀!

Being a Sabahan, we do love "yum cha" (a local dialect meaning a cup of drink"). Aside from having latte from expensive cafes, we opt for the local classic taste when we are in town. So here are TWO recommendations and just I love!

1. 瓊萬興茶室 Keng Wan Hing Coffee Shop (Non Halal)
文章 Blog Post - Review
地点 Location : Gaya Street

2. 佳华面包茶餐室 Kedai Kopi Jia Hua (Non Halal)
文章 Blog post : Soft Butter Kaya Bun
地点 Location : Bundusan Penampang (Love it here), Kolombong (2nd choice) and Metro Town.

新鲜鱼, 价钱也不错!他们家时常都是人山人海的!

Sabah famous for its fresh seafood. There's people who always came just for seafood, especially wise price and delicious ones!

Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant (东风海鲜饭店)
文章 Blog post : Kon Lou Fish Soup
地点 Location : Inanam

猪肠粉 Zhu Chang Fen!
好久没吃那么好吃的猪肠粉! 第一次吃了它, 让我念念不忘!

Its been so long since the last I had good Zhu Chang Fen. Spotted theirs and gosh it was so heavenly! Soft texture and the sauce just superb!

国记茶室 Kedai Kopi Koki
文章 Blog Post : 槟城亚三拉沙 Penang Assam Laksa and 猪肠粉 Zhu Chang Fen
地点 Location : Bundusan Pavilion

 招牌面 Signature Noodles

Always a good choice to have their signature dish! Even drove all the way to have it.

瓊樂茶餐室 Keng Lok Restaurant
Serving the signature noodles that possibly the first one I'm in love! Topped with century eggs, salted vegetables and mince pork!
Link : Signature Noodles
地点 Location : Bandar Penampang Baru (Lorong Bandar Penampang Baru), Penampang. Near Servay Supermarket.

来沙巴该吃人人介绍的生肉面! 没吃的, 哪里可说来过呢? 嘻嘻 :)

Many said that if you happen to visit Sabah, you MUST EAT Sang Nyuk Mian, otherwise you never came here! There's a long list of where to eat Sang Nyuk Mian, so I'm going to cut it short to two restaurants that I prefer to have my bowl.

1. Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian (Non Halal)
文章 Blog Post - Review
地点 Location : Lintas Plaza

2. 金沙园生肉面Kedai Kopi Melanian (Non Halal)
 文章 Blog Post - Review
地点 Location : Lintas Plaza


I love Dim Sum and I guess many of us do. Restaurant serving Dim Sum are so packed in town. The one I prefer the most is the following restaurant.  Non the less, I still likes it although we knew that it will be quite thirsty after consumption. And just to let you know, they still maintain the taste for so many years!

路阳新旺角酒楼 New Wong Kok Restaurant (Non Halal)
文章 Blog Post : I love Dim Sum
地点 Location : Luyang and Bundusan Penampang.

我未成放弃过的一样美食! 来这间茶店必定要吃的!

I always love to eat spicy food and The fact is, it has been years I never walk off from this shop. Love their Tom Yum as always!

成兴茶餐室 Kedai Kopi Seng Hing (Non Halal)
文章 Blog post : Years of Tom Yum I Love
地点 Location : Sinsuran, behind Le Meridien Hotel

健康的开始。他家的素食是我蛮喜欢的, 如果朋友想吃好吃的素食,我一定会介绍这家!

Eating clean is good and somehow eating less meat would be love. They serve the best vegetarian in town! I always crave for them.

City Vegetarian
地点 Location : Lintas Plaza

新的时代, 新的享受风潮。 新的咖啡馆也像冬菇般的营业了!

I love to indulgence coffee with friends and even love ones. Cozy environment that's made us chat longer. They do serve light snacks and desserts too!

1. Breadboss Bakery & Cafe (Serve No Pork)
文章 Blog Post - Afternoon Breaks!
地点 Location : Dah Yeh

2. October Coffee House (Serve No Pork)
文章 Blog Post : Home Roasted Coffee
地点 Location : The Peak Vista (I love to be here), Gaya Street (second choice to be at) and Wisma Merdeka.

锅贴 水饺
 本地人的小吃。 在亚庇, 卖着锅贴水饺有好多家。 在这篇文章我觉得不错的是这几家。

We called it as dumplings, either served with fried or boiled. Normally we can find it at local coffee shops, a small stall around the corner. Dumplings should be said as a side dish or snack during tea time or small eateries (light meals).

地点 Location : 津津茶室 Jin Jin Restaurant at Lintas Square, 莲华楼 Lotus Coffee Shop at Dah Yeh and 琼兴 Kheng Hin Kopitiam at Luyang.


KL do have a lot of good Bak Kut Teh, non the least, Sabah too! Tourist came here to try our Bak Kut Teh and always so packed. These are the two that I normally had and I will go.
1. Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh (新记肉骨茶)(Non Halal)
文章 Blog Post : Bak Kut Teh
地点 Location : Near Gaya Street

 2. Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh (佑记肉骨茶) (Non Halal)
文章 Blog post : Small bowls of meats 
地点 Location : Gaya Street

有时感情久了就需要一些两人静静的共进晚餐, 享受两人眼神的对望。 哈哈! 正教坏你们哦!我的生日是在这儿过的!

That time where we can enjoy a lovely night just for two of us, or a small gathering too. I had my last birthday here! I do love this modern European fine dining restaurant.

Kudos Bistro (Serve No Pork)
文章 Blog Post : Just Heavenly!
地点 Location : Gaya Street

韩国餐 Korean Cuisine
我喜欢的一家韩国餐馆。 位于一个不会很复杂的地区。 好吃哦!

Comfort food for me! I love their generous amount of ingredients they added in and just too good to mention.

The Bab's Korean Restaurant
文章 Blog Post : Favourite Korean Restaurant
地点 Location : Likas Driving Range

甜品 Dessert 

Dessert does play the trick, especially for girls like us or when we are stressed. :) Sitting there and enjoy the taste and time.

1. Cafe de Vie / De Vie Deli (Serve No Pork)
文章 Blog post : Crepe Cakes by the locals
地点 Location : Lintas Plaza, Metro Town, Oceanus Waterfront Mall and Bundusan Pavilion (current love).

2. Lucky Bean (幸运豆甜品坊)(Serve No Pork)
文章 Blog Post : Good place to hang out 
地点 Location : Lintas Square and Imago Mall


 This would be the first post of what I love and till next! And I bet this entry includes more than 15 food I love and recommend ones!
For more KK Food, do check out "KK Food Guide" for more!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

面包与咖啡!(亚庇)Bake Code Bakery and Cafe! @ Lintas & City Mall!


There's always a good combination of coffee and cakes or coffee and breads. :)

- Bake Code 面包坊 Breads by Bake Code Bakery & Cafe - 

每天都出炉新鲜面包! 我他们 有九十种口味让我们选择! 超棒呃!

A bakery where they baked daily and there's nearly 90 types of breads for us to choose!

- 面包类 Breads for Us! -

面包好像有点大哦~ 味道是很香。 

Breads are here for us to try! The fragrance of breads just lovely. :)

- 多种口味 Various Breads -

光看这我觉得很健康。 果子类的口味也有可以在此找到!

Even the breads with berries and fiber are available there. I'm feeling healthy in a sense when I see them.

- Breads by Bake Code -


Smiley Bread, Sailors Bread, Earl Grey Bread & Garlic Bread!

种类多, 味道与配料也多。 吃的也开心。我们蛮喜欢起司口味。

Incredibly huge and lots of fillings. Generous in ingredients that we might want to try all of them. Love the smell of Garlic Bread and all of us agree the good taste of the cranberry cheese ball bread with bits of mochi texture with generous cream cheese fillings!

- It's Coffee Time -


A good companion for that weekend. COFFEE!

- Danish Cheese Bread -

好吸引哦! 起司面包!

The colours and creamy shiny topping just attracts us a lot.

- The Fillings -


 - Bake Code Bakery & Cafe -

- Lots of Cheese! -


Cranberry Cheese Ball.

- 面包 The Breads -

- Bake Code Bakery & Cafe -


A cafe and dessert shop for breads, coffee and desserts!

Facebook : Bake Code Bakery & Cafe
URL : Bake Code Bakery & Cafe

Location :
City Mall - Take away Only
Lintas Square - Sharing the same unit with Zenq!

Business Hours:
Lintas ZenQ - 11.00 am to 11.00 pm
City Mall - 10.00 am to 10.00 pm

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guide to Guang Zhou, China - 3 Days 2 Nights! 广州之旅 - 3 天 2 夜 (V.1)

 短短的三天两夜, 看到了漂亮风景。 买了超值货品! 这篇文章记录了广州之旅呀!

This entry is a compilation of places and food I have experienced during my short trip at Guang Zhou. The weather was Winter Season, 2013.
* 广州 (Guang Zhou) *

i. 荔枝弯 (Li Tzi River)

 一个很热闹及精彩的一段路。 很多拍摄节目与电视剧/电影都是在这里取景。

An architecture project that we could see the classic part of Guang Zhou from near and modern part when we look far. In addition, a scene where many movie were taken. 

ii. 下九广场与北京路 (Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang and Bei Jing Street)

最著名的两个广场! 逛街及道地的食物也可以吃到。 可是要小心扒手及乞丐。

Time for shopping! Both of the famous street for searching fashionable items and beauty stuffs. Food as well! However, just choose your place to dine. As for me? I had Mc Donald!

 iii. 珠江游 (Pearl River Cruise)

一个可以看见广州美丽的一面。 很长的一段邮轮旅程。

Beautiful night scene with Pearl River Cruise. Enjoy the long river cruise with neon lights along the river.

 再见, 广州!  That all for Guang Zhou!

Next visit will be going there for shopping and searching for technology goods!