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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fu Zhou (福州), China (中国) : The Garden of Min River and Yong Quan Temple 滨江公园/滨江大道 与 鼓山涌泉寺

China Part 5 - Fu Zhou (福州), Northern FuJian (福建)

It was a long journey from Mt. WuYi to reach FuZhou, what else with all the upgrading works for the road at one part. 

Finally we reached Fu Zhou, fetch our Fu Zhou tourist guide and at that fine evening, we visited Bin Jiang Garden and Bing Jiang Bridge. Located at Min River (闽江), the upper side of Fu Jian, the border of one province.

- The beauty of Min River -

- Min River (闽江) : 滨江公园 -

Very calm face of Fu Zhou, the city of Fu Jian.

- Min River (闽江) : 滨江公园/滨江大道 -

Bin Jiang Bridge. A landmark of Fu Zhou. 

- The Story of Min River/ Min Garden -

- 毛泽东主席 (The Father of China) -

After a short tour at Min River, we went for dinner and sight seeing around Fu Zhou. :)

- The Youngs Society -

Being classified as the oldest building in Fu Zhou.



- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

I love this scenic destination quite a lot. Very calm indeed.

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

We cater a van to go up to the temple. A temple where no one can seen from the outside world.

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

The walkway to temple.

- The Story of Gu Shan -

- Friendly monk -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

That's my dad. :)

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 -

- 鼓山 涌泉寺 - 

Hehe :D That's just so me! 

Till then!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Morning Coffee at Tous Les Jours @ Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur!

Hello! I am back from a long holiday! Refreshed quite a lot! :)

And last weekend, we were in KL for the last stop before heading home.

While we were walking from Lot 10 to Pavilion KL, we bumped into Tous les Jours, if not mistaken, it was a chained bakery from Korean. Aww~~ Korea!

 - Tous les Jours -

I was in KL last year and went for window shopping at their bakery which located at Bangsar Baru and really wanted to sit in to dine during this trip! We were quite lucky that it was located at Bukit Bintang and stop by for a drink with love. hehe :)

 - The Interior -

- The Interior -

A cafe that fits you and me. 

Well designed and convenient location for of us, by foot even better as we could walk through the linked sky bridges.

- Pop Up Colour Flower -

I simply love fresh flowers, and it was such a lovely day for me and bae. :)


- Egg Benedict and Coffee -

Food was okay, but the environment for sure is a YES for me!

- Casio Exilim ZR1500 -

User friendly camera and it has been a love during my recent trip in China, Vietnam and of course, KL. It is one satisfied camera for me! Highly recommended!

- Captured by Bae -

Day by day, he is improving in his photography skill! I have one part time photographer from now on!

- Bukit Bintang -

I believe the next visit to KL will be better than this. The construction for underground station can be cleared and sitting in enjoying the surrounding of KL.


- Tous les Jours by the Day -

Definitely perfect spot to be seen.

- Tous les Jours by the Night -

There's people everywhere in KL!

Location :
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hey China! Hey Vietnam! Hey KL!

Finally the long awaiting holiday will be coming to the end, places we went were nice and beautiful. Most of them were magnificent!

Here are some of the photos for you to admire! 

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mt. WuYi (武夷山), China (中国) : 那天我们成了漂客 (Water Rafting at JiuQuXi) 竹筏九曲溪漂流记

China Part 4 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Keep Calm and Sit On to Bamboos.

It was cold at Mt. WuYi, especially earlier in the morning. We went for the last activity at the scenic area and I love the fact that water rafting was great! Gosh! I miss the place quite a lot and excited when I story my friends about this great destination - Mt. WuYi. :)

- Bamboo Racks as Transportation -

Each transportation only allow six person and we need to sit properly before anyone fell off in to the river. Each seats are not screwed (it's the norms). Dangerous or no? In fact, if we follow the rules then it's okay.

- Jiu Xi Water Rafting 竹签九曲溪漂流 -

The highlights on the water rafting were experience a bit of the lifestyle of people at Mt. WuYi. Our "pilot" is a women, quite young and the man behind (on that same "boat") is her husband. Water rafting is not an easy job, whereby there will be certain sickness that a woman will be facing when they continuous working.

- Scenic Area -

China, just like others said, scenery in China are beautiful and mysterious.

The rocks and cliffs could be seen while we were passing by were naturally in figures of various animals. The above rock, look like a FROG. Not necessary frogs only could be seen, we saw crocodiles, turtles etc. There's a story created with those rocks and cliffs. :)

- Water Rafting -

- Water Rafting -

One of my favourite shot. :) Our pilot even sang to us and those poetry she said were quiet meaningful and hilarious.

- Six of us -

Our pilot took our photo for us! Amazing background right?

- The Fifth -

In the middle of the whole water rafting journey.

- Bird -

Spotted that beautiful bird.

- Caves -

They said people used to climb to those caves and placed coffins for their late ancestor. Told you China is a place where mysterious things happens. 

- Fisherman Hat -

Our pilot let us wear her hat!

- Random Shot -

The correct moment and feeling to be captured.

- The Ninth -

It was the last and further will be the place we ended the whole water rafting journey. :)

- Bye -

Amazing and calm journey we went. Looking forward for similar trips in the future. 

Just to let you know, I'm going China next week and will not be updating this blog till further notice!

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