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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Yong Ding (永定), China (中国) : Experiencing Tu Lou (土楼之游)

China Part 7  - Tu Lou (土楼), Yong Ding (永定), Northern FuJian (福建)

It was one of our effort to visit the local village during our China trip. And after a long journey from XiaMen to Yong Ding, we stay at the best hotel in that village, we could feel the cold air inside our room as well, covered myself layers and we could still felt the cold air. In fact, we do have heater. Oh Gosh. 

We began our second day with an early visit to the clay house! 土楼 (Tu Lou) at their Scenery Area.

 - Cigarettes -

The local made cigarette, anyone? Spotted this during our nature call (WC visit).

- The Ticket -

I still keep them and nicely left inside my diary. :)

And let us took a long walk to the clay house!

- The Clay House behind -

- The Jump Shot -

- One of the old Clay House -

A short story of Tu Lou, each Tu Lou (either it is round or in block), it represent a family under one roof, with relatives etc. The more people stay in the Tu Lou. the more solid it will be. It means that with the human "energy" in side, the building will last longer!

The funniest story I heard during my trip was, the English back then thought that China has been building tombs to prepare to have war! From the satellite signal, it does look round and huge!

- Souvenirs -

China has been categorising Tu Lou as the World Heritage. It was really good to know more about China lifestyle for Chinese from other countries.

- Tu Lou in block -

This building is an old building, we were directed to the new one which is in rounded building.

You will be surprise when you saw chickens walking around. They raise chickens inside the building. OMG!

- Sweets -

- The beautiful sight -

- Tu Lou -

Here we are!

We went to visit one of the Tu Lou, we were lucky to see the nicely decorated building which they were going to held a wedding ceremony! :)

In there, we won't be surprise that people are selling souvenirs as well. Reasonable priced and try to bargain with them!

- Inside -

The hall and rooms surrounded.

 - The Hall -

- Families -

- Random Shot -

- The second Tu Lou in block -

It was very far difference with the round one we compared earlier. We were surprised with the lifestyle here. 

Yes, they still live in there. 

- Last shot -

I love the handbag I bought!

That's all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Macarons or Macaroons? Bonjour, French Sweetness.


Means Good Day in French. :)

Month of February. Month of Love and in short, February is a busy month for important festive celebration! Wish all of you are well as I am. 

Before February ends, mom made badges of macarons for friends and I had a short photography session with them. Do enjoy the French sweetness. 

- Macarons -

- Macarons -

Many often make mistake and once I read that the correct one for this French sweet meringue-based confection is suppose to have one "o", instead of two.

So, the next picture will be the difference between both, don't make mistake again!

One made of Angel tears and another with coconuts. :)

Before ending this short entry, do enjoy the shots I took with MACARONS!

- Macarons -

Kid you not, I love my mom's recipe. No too sweet, just right.


More info : Macaron and Macaroons

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lil Updates : Welcoming CNY 2015 (Year of Goat)

It's the even of Chinese New Year.

Say Hello to Year of Goat and Good Bye Year of Horse!

- Reunion Dinner -

Since most Chinese would be busy during this period of time and most will be off from work earlier than usual to celebrate this auspicious and traditional Chinese celebration. :)

So, same to me as well. Had a fruitful dinner and prepared myself as well as settling all the payments as well! Ong Lai La (Hokkien) ~ 

- The Night Market -

The local Chinese area mostly will be crowded and setting with all the tents and lanterns. During the day before eve, we will be having CNY Night Markets at City Centre, Foh Sang and Lido on yearly basis. Last minute shopping and it is such a huge night market in KK!

- Koi DIY -

Learn from Facebook and there goes for this year! And they even request me to do some for their house and office decoration.

Okay, there goes a short write up on updates! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you!

Get more ang paos this year!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Perfect View of #KKCity! @ Kokol Haven Resort and Kasih Sayang Health Resort, Menggatal

An unexpected road trip from KK to Kokol Hill.

Planned to visit Kasih Sayang Health Resort and in between the road trip, we drop by at Kokol Haven Resort.

In fact, Kokol Haven Resort do have a magnificent view of KK City and our beautiful islands with the perfect scene of horizon.

- Garden view of Kokol Haven Resort -

Sitting there and enjoying the view with breezy yet cold air, it was relaxing.

- Kokok Haven Resort -

- Kokol Haven Resort -

 - Kokol Haven Resort -

" Kokol Haven offers the most spectacular view of  Kota Kinabalu City. Views spanning far beyond 5 islans of Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks to the North, and beauty of the majestic Mt Kinabalu to the South. The resort is well known for its restaurant, Horizon with delicious dishes i.e. Oxtail Curry, Tuaran Mee and Fried Ice Cream. 
The amazing view coupled with Horizon's mouthwatering food makes Kokol Haven Resort a fantastic place to enjoy with friends and family " - Kokol Haven Resort.

- At the Garden of Kokol Haven Resort -

- The perfect view from Horizon, Kokol Haven Resort's restaurant -

We met so many familiar faces and friends, Kokol Haven Resort really caught Sabahan attention.

And next, further road trip to Kasih Sayang Health Resort.

- Cloud 9 Restaurant, Kasih Sayang Health Resort -

Another back to nature view with Kasih Sayang Health Resort. :)

We went there for a tea session.

- Acoustic singer -

Beautiful songs sang by them! They were only invited during weekends.

- Kasih Sayang Health Resort -

Sudden rain and the view was after the rain! I'm living on Cloud 9. 

- Kasih Sayang Health Resort -

Stay Calm and TAKE A BREAK. :)

Live to enjoy and of course, we can't forget that we need to earn to enjoy too!

Cheers! Happy Weekend!

Website :
Kokol Haven Resort
Kasih Sayang Health Resort

Location :
KM 10, Jalan Kokol, Menggatal,
Sabah, Malaysia.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

XiaMen (厦门) , China (中国) : 最特别的鼓浪屿 It's Only Foot Steps in GuLangYu

China Part 6 - XiaMen (厦门), Northern FuJian (福建)

It was one my favourite destination which I love since I have traveled to China.

GuLangYu 鼓浪屿

- View from Xia Men -
Before we depart from Xia Men Ferry, a quick shot from where I stood to GuLangYu, which we were going to visit afterward.

This shot somehow made me looks as if blending in to the local. 

Aw~ Good morning China!

- Tickets -

GuLangYu are madly crowded on the weekends and frequent guests from XiaMen visited GuLangYu for day trip. Such a pretty island I must say!

Approximately 15 minutes from XiaMen by ferry to GuLangYu and to let you know, NO VEHICLES there! Except buggy. All of us went by foot strolling around that pretty island. :)

- Ferry of GuLangYu -

- View of XiaMen from GuLangYu -

In fact, I do like Xia Men, blended with Taiwan lifestyle and just to let you know, TAIWAN just opposite!! We can enter Taiwan via XiaMen.

- GuLangYu Guide Map -

- To Start with Our Visit -

Influenced with bits of Portuguese culture in GuLangYu.

"Gulangyu is an island off the coast of Amoy/Xiamen city, Fujian province in southern China, about 2 km2 (0.77 sq mi) in area. It is home to about 20,000 people and is a domestic tourist destination. The only vehicles permitted are small electric buggies and electric government service vehicles.

Visitors can reach it by ferry from Amoy Island. Local residents are allowed to use a shorter 5 minute ferry to/from Heping Ferry Terminal. Tourists and non-locals must now take a longer 20 minute ferry ride from Dongdu International Terminal, as of October 20, 2014 with a fare increase from 8RMB to 35RMB. This has been in order to reduce tourist numbers accessing the island in an effort to conserve it.

Gulangyu Island is renowned for its beaches and winding lanes and its varied architecture. The island is on China's list of National Scenic Spots and also ranks at the top of the list of the ten most-scenic areas in the province.

Administratively, the island presently forms Gulangyu Subdistrict of Amoy's Siming District. " - Wikipedia

- Passion Fruit -

Small delicacies were selling outside their house, in between the alleys and more.

Here are some of the random snapshots of the buildings and what caught my eye.

- The Church -

- Cafe -

- 菽庄花园 (ShuZhuang Garden) -

It was known as the wealthiest businessman back then and the garden was there for his children and wife to play around and family time.

- 菽庄花园 (ShuZhuang Garden) -

- Directory -

- 鼓浪屿钢琴博物馆 (GuLangYu Piano Museum) -

From the visit in the museum, we were not allowed to take photos.

There were various pianos in there, from piano with lamp, huge and small. In addition, there are also well known pianist biography and personally from China as well.

- 四十四桥 (ZigZag Bridge) -

It was the view of GuLangYu taken from the ZigZag Bridge not far from the island. Do you saw the top of the hill? We didn't walk up there as our time doesn't allow us to do so. 

These are what I love about GuLangYu, very calm and pretty island to visit. For your information, we saw many pre-wedding couples were there for their photoshoot!

- Souvenirs time -

They say GuLangYu was well known with their seafood products, what I must say is, Sabah also have! haha :D

And off we went for our lunch and end of our GuLangYu Day Trip!

We traveled to another destination that afternoon and we reached at the next destination in the evening. Oh gosh!